Moe’s Letter – August 26, 2013

Weeeell…. I’m in the sticks! I REALLY feel like I’m on a mission now! hahaha

Woodville is pronounced “Woodvull”… like, ‘full’ but with a V. So that’s fun! Everyone here has thick country accents; I can barely understand a word! They slur everything together, mumble, and choose not to open their mouth when they talk. It’s WEIRD. but whatever! I like the way they say the days of the week though… Mondee, Tusdee, Wensdee, Thursdee, Fridee, Saturdee and Sundee! It’s great fun.

My companion is Sister Allison! She’s been out one transfer less than me. She just got finished being trained so I’m her follow up trainer. It’s so much fun. I love her to death! She sounds and acts just like Anna so we get along great! Her birthday was last Friday; she turned 22. WEIRD CONNECTIONS: we were at ISU the same time, she’s from Idaho Falls, and her mom served in the LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS MISSION! She served in 1980-81. I couldn’t remember when mom served, but we’re thinking it was the same time… Mom, didn’t your mission president seal you and dad? Her mom’s mission president sealed her parents. SO MAYBE it was the same guy. She said her mom cried like a baby when she found out her President died, and i was all, “Hey yeah! my mom freaked and went to his funeral!” so we think that y’all served at the same time. But you can be a better judge of that… But small world, eh?

The people here in Woodville are nothing but drama, drama, drama! It’s only a branch; the tiniest building I’ve ever seen. Everyone is related to everyone. You think they’d be a close knit family, but NO. They all argue, get offended, and don’t come to church half the time. Everyone is super old too. They’re all pretty much retired… So trying to change old, stubborn people who are deep set in their ways is going to be a blast!

The hot attraction of the town is Walmart! Pretty funny.

Last night for dinner we went WAY out in the sticks (we cover about 6 small towns) in Odomville (a family with the last name Odom all live in one central spot. They finally recognized it as it’s own town because so many Odom’s live there). so we went to odomville for dinner and had this DELICIOUS chicken/sausage/some other meat burrito thing. Pretty soon the family is telling me how they’re so excited for the first cold front to come in so they can start slaughtering their pets. yeah – that’s how they phrased it. When they saw my face turn sour, fixin to barf, they reeeeally stepped that conversation up. They were talking about skinning bunnies, how pig skin cuts easier than ours, how you gotta throw the chicken after you chop the head off so you don’t get squirted with blood… I was going to up chuck at any second. They think they’re so funny… I think they all aught to be in the loony bin! My heck. it was disgusting. The mom LOVES to skin deer. She says when she kills the first deer of the year, she’s going to make me help her skin it. I said I’d cry the whole time and probaby puke. She said that’d be just fine…. Aww man! I’m scared to the bone.

I also got to hold a little dragon lizard thing at their house. And I held a HUGE burmese albino python snake thing at another members house yesterday… My camera was in the truck both times so I didn’t get to take a picture of them. But that’s okay. It was all good.

I think my computer is going to shut off though so I will have to finish more of this later… Goll dang! I’m going to go throw some indian stuff around… yeehaw! hurray for the sticks.

Love you and miss you! I’ll send pictures. I took a ton…

xoxo – sister stockinger


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