Moe’s letter – August 5, 2013

Howdy y’all! I hope y’all are doing good (: I’ve had a pretty boring week (full of meetings) so this will be short…

We have been so blessed with all the progress the Cantu family has been making! On Thursday we finished teaching the Plan of Salvation. It went really well! We also were able to have them attend a baptism the San Jacinto Branch was blessed to have. It was a little scary; the kid almost didn’t show up. So we were sitting there with investigators and trying to entertain, trying not to freak out that the Elder’s baptism might not go through… but they called him and he made it! He forgot (: haha he was like… 10 or 11 years old. Just a cute kid! But he made it and he looked SO HAPPY. The Cantu’s really enjoyed it as well. Mirabel and Ashley would have gotten baptized right then if we’d let them! haha Paul looked emotional… He felt the spirit but is having a hard time letting go of his catholic roots – even though he’s NEVER gone to church ever since he moved out of his parents house as a teenager. Soooo… but everything is still on track for them! ❤ I just love this family so much!

Valerie was being a bit sassy with us. We finally were able to get back in with her and discuss the ways we can help her progress. I don't think we made a very good impact; she wasn't in the best mood. but the next day a member called her and they had a loooong talk. Both were crying! This member was able to reopen her heart and she's ready to accept the gospel again. Valerie knows what is right – she just doesn't believe she can give up smoking and get married. She calls herself a demon child 😦 I get so upset when she says that! It's terrible that Satan has such a hold on her. But we aren't giving up! We're still working with her and love her to death. This lady is an incredible member missionary.

Our bishop is still ON FIRE. He's going above and beyond to do all he can for us. The Relief Society President has also caught the wave a bit. Which is a good thing… She fed us for the first time! She hasn't fed the missionaries in who-knows-how-long. So this was quite the accomplishment! She told us this amazing story about her conversion to the gospel. She was tracted out! So it was inspiring; gave us some hope. haha. So we had dinner with her Saturday, then Sunday she bore her testimony about how she loves the missionaries (us and the elders in our ward) and how she's so glad she finally met up with us. It was nice to see such a quick result of sharing spiritual messages with members. Members are the life blood of this church! Slowly but surely, the Humble Ward is catching fire!

I'm super bummed I missed the family reunion! Buuut I'm kinda glad I wasn't there since it was at Glenns Ferry… I have very distinct, BORING memories of that place. hahahaha but i'm glad it turned out well for the rest of y'all! I'm amazed that Loren lost at horseshoes. He's going to come back with a vengence! Look out John (: haha. and poor sloaners! AHHH! How traumatizing! I can't believe her little foot was hurt :/ Was it weird not having Grandma there? That just wouldn't feel like a reunion to me! No grandparents? Say whaaaaat?!! and i'm sure it was DEVESTATING to not have anna and I there. Man – but i guess the show must go on! (: haha

A less active member had her baby boy this past week. Holy smokes. he is SO CUTE! His name is Connor… I wish I could hold him so bad and just pretend he's my soon-to-be nephew! baaah! He's so so so cute. I can't wait for Megan's little peanut to arrive! I love the belly shot dad sent. She looks so perfectly pregnant (if there is such a thing). Seriously – My sister is amazing and the most beautiful of them all! Especially when she's rocking a pregnant glow ❤ AHHH! Our family is growing! I'm a big fan.

This really cool penacostal girl might give me some skirts! Since all they wear are skirts…. she has a bazillion! And she models for a modest company so and gets the cutest maxxi skirts for free. She's gonna hook me up! I'm stooooked. I think it's because it's my birthday month. Heavenly Father is looking out for me!

Since it IS my birthday month, I hope y'all are aware that I'm expecting some extra special prayers! I've already been letting Heavenly Father know that I'm expecting some serious miracles to happen. hahaha but i say that to Him in the most kind, loving, meek, submissive, humble way possible (:

I love and miss y'all so much! You are the best. Be sure to love my dog just as much as you love the puppies! I miss those smelly dogs so much. Be grateful they dont have fleas! I think every dog here has fleas… It's nasty. So give them kisses! And love all over Keirsten too (:

Be strong! The Church is TRUE!

— Sister Stockinger


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