Moe’s Letter – September 23, 2013

Well we’re already in week six of this transfer… boy has it flown by! I’m getting worried that Sister Allison is going to get transferred and I’m going to have to remember all these county roads… Who knows – maybe I’ll get transferred! We find out next Saturday (:
This week was the most bizarre. It all started with starving horses…. We went out to Doucette to visit a less active and saw some horses tied to a tree that were skin and bones. It was horrible! We ended up reporting it but have no idea if anything was done about it. I guess there’s a terrible reputation of animal abuse being reported but nothing ever getting done 😦 it was so sad!
On Wednesday we went to go find a referral in Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe used to be this super nice city where all the rich people retired. Now it has become a dump after Ike and Rita hit. It’s a pretty sketchy drug community now. BUT ANYWAYS: we went to try and find a referral. We were following my GPS annnd…. we got stuck. Our truck suddenly sunk 6-8 inches into sand. It scared me sooo bad cause I was the one driving. So we hopped out and booked it to the nearest house. I knocked on the door, completely out of breath, starting to panic, and a man opened the door. “Hi! Our truck is stuck down the road. Can you come pull us out?” (he had a truck out front). You know what he said? “Nope”. My face and heart dropped! He then told us that about 3 times a month someone gets stuck in the sand down there and they always come and knock on his door. His wife took compassion on us though and started to make some phone calls. She got a hold of a nearly 90 year old man with a tractor who said he’d come haul us out. So we started walking back to the truck with the man who said he wouldn’t help us when suddenly, sister allison remembered we have 4 wheel drive! So she and the man pushed on the truck while I worked the gas and we were able to get out just before the tractor came. It was so scary. haha I was so stinking worried! but in the end we made some new friends! We’re going to take some cookies back to them and see what can come of it (:
So we had to rather interesting days. When our district leader, Elder Bock, called that night we were all, “Elder Bock, just wait. We saw starving horses, got stuck in the sand, tomorrow there will be a hurricane!” He was all, “No, no, no, there’s only a tropical storm forming in the gulf. There won’t be a hurricane”. WELL – it rained nonstop for 2 days. Everything was soaked. We couldn’t go a lot of places cause we would have gotten stuck on all our dirt roads! I had to buy rubber boots because we were SO WET and my shoes were getting ruined! It was insane. We almost couldn’t drive at all because the rain was coming down so hard… You couldn’t hardly see! But we needed the rain. It cooled this place off big time… Like, it’s freezing here now. haha we shiver! and it’s like… 67 degrees. hahaha Ahh man…
Y’all gotta check out He’s the coolest guy ever! Totally inspiring. Y’all also need to check out the mormon message videos, “Enduing Love” and “Mountains to Climb”. Sometimes we take some things for granted, I think. Those videos really put things into perspective!
This week we were really blessed to meet most of our goals. We’ve been able to get members out with us! Never doubt the wrath of Sister Stockinger… (: haha our branch is fine. No one is mad. Sister Allison doesn’t care when I speak out like that because she knows it has to be done, but she’s too scared to do it herself. There hasn’t been anyone quite like me here in woodville for a couple years. But oh well (: I’m here for a reason and I’m going to bust their booties in to missionary shape! I’m sick of the laziness.
We have a couple new investigators; Rebecca who is in her 50’s. She was a referral from Betty Odom. She was funny, she said, ‘well i’m baptist, but i’m not REALLY a baptist.” So she’s open to learning… We also are going to start teaching a 13 year old girl named Callie. Her mom and sister got baptized last November I believe… november or december. So she wants to start being taught again. We’re pretty excited; she’s the cutest thing!
Well I’m glad to hear that Thor got sold! I’ve been praying for them to find good homes… One member here ALWAYS asks me about the bulldogs. I gave him the website and he just loooost it! He loves them! haha I tell him, “Gordon, you talk about nothing but these bulldogs now. You just need to get one!” He’s the kind of man who never, ever, ever in a million years councils with his wife. He does whatever he wants (and is sometimes a little rude). So it wouldn’t surprise me if he did just go and buy one. He loves them. He thinks they are the cutest most darling things on earth. He pulled the website up when we were over and sister allison lost it over Kisses. She wants her. hahaha maaan they are so cute and so grown up now!
One of our favorite members, Denese and Tim Durr, just had their 6 year old granddaughter, Lakay, pass away 😦 it was so sad! She had a lot of disabilities so she had a seziure in the night and passed away. It’s been a sad couple of days! She was adopted and sealed to her parents, but her parents have since gotten a divorce and they’ve each gone inactive. We’re just praying that they’ll become active in their ward so that they can be worthy to have her for eternity. It’s sad… But thank goodness for the gospel!
Lately I’ve really loved Helaman 5:12… I love that it just says if you REALLY build your foundation on the savior, you cannot fall. Not, “you might not fall (making it your choice)”, or “you may not fall (50/50 chance), but you CANNOT fall. You Cannot fall if you build a sure foundation on the Savior and the Lord. They will protect and direct us! Satan will have no power over you.
The work is moving slowly but surely! We were able to meet a lot of people and teach some good lessons. Thanks for all your prayers and support! I miss and love y’all.
Be wise and be righteous! The Church is true!
— Sister Stockinger

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