Moe’s Letter – September 30, 2013

Well this week was a great one! We were able to go to the temple on Tuesday. It was AMAZING. Oh my goodness… President and Sister Crawford attended our session with us. It was so sweet. President just stood in the celestial room, looked around at the 40+ missionaries, and cried. It was a really great experience! I love the Houston Temple. It’s GORGEOUS!

On Wednesday we helped this 80 year old lady clean the blinds in her living room. They were pretty nasty… She’s a strong Methodist and has no intention of changing, but she calls us her cleaning angels and wants us to come by each Wednesday to eat treats with her. We’ll see… I’m getting fat. I don’t think I can afford a steady weekly treat. Oh man…

We also did our on Wednesday. There’s a really cool Youth Mormon Message that I think the boys would like. It’s called, “A Work in Progress”. It’s about a boy who works really hard at basketball… But President Monson is quoted in it. He said, “It’s not enough to want to make the effort. It’s in the doing, not just the thinking, that we accomplish our goals”. That applies heavily to missionary work since we set a TON of goals. But it obviously applies to life in general.

Last Saturday morning one of our favorite members, Denese and Tim Durr, had their little 6 year old grandbaby Lakay pass away :/ she had a lot of disabilities; they think she had a seizure in the night. Since she passed away at home a huge investigation has had to take place… It’s been crazy. But on Thursday we had her funeral. It was really sad… I don’t like little caskets. But the service was nice. A lot of people came… The main funeral was held in Kingwood and President Crawford spoke at it. We didn’t get to attend that, but she was buried out in Dam B so we got to go to that portion of it. Thank goodness for eternal families!

Not too much happened on Friday and Saturday. I was on exchanges with Sister Johnson who’s serving in Jasper. She ended up getting sick so I just mainly sat around their apartment reading New Eras.

On Saturday we did get to watch the General Relief Society Broadcast. I thought it was very good! I liked how they tried to help mothers understand ways to teach their kids what a covenant is since 8 year olds get baptized. I especially loved President Monson… Doesn’t he look OLD?! Oh my goodness… He has changed a lot. But listening to him made me get so excited for General Conference! Wooweee!

So I’ve been in Woodville for 6 weeks now; one transfer. I was asked to say the opening prayer in Relief Society yesterday… “Sister Stockinberg? Will you say the opening prayer?” Or sometimes it’s, “Sister Stockton, where are you from again?” or, “Sister Stockler, are you the one allergic to dairy?”… yeah. It’s great being a ‘Stockinger’ living with a bunch of illiterate Texans. haha keeps it interesting!

Transfer calls came Saturday night. We’re both staying in Woodville! Sister Allison will probably get transferred at the next one cause this will be her 4th transfer here now.

Our investigators are still doing okay… We struggle with getting them to church though. People are stubborn! Southern Baptists… OH MAN. When we tract here, people open their door and look happy to see us! Then they yell, “Oh girls, I have Jesus in my heart! I’ve been saved!” annnd then we walk away… This is a challenging area. It helps us think outside the box though (:

It’s been pouring rain for a couple days now. I don’t remember if I told y’all I had to buy rain boots… The grass becomes SO WET that you think it looks fine, but when you step on it you sink to your ankles in water. Sooo trying to preserve my shoes, I bought really flattering rain boots. The city hall put up a sign that says, “Thank God for Rain”. Haha I love it. Only in Texas do you see religious signs everywhere…

Tim Durr – the man whose grandbaby passed away – is a mountain man. He looks normal, but he is a MOUNTAIN MAN. He makes these really cool stone knives the way the Indians do and all kinds of scary stuff. He does all the scouting for the area; almost every boy in Tyler County goes to him for help with scouts. He’s awesome! But anyways – he makes the knives for the missionaries who serve here but you have to earn them. So some missionaries have ate hot peppers, pickled pigs feet, hog head cheese, skinned a raccoon… nasty stuff. Well he prayed about the challenge I have to do in order to get my knife. So right after this I’m going to go skin a bob cat! AHHH! I’m probably going to cry the whole time. But Sister Allison gets to skin it with me for her challenge too. I’m freaking out! But kind of excited (: haha

So that’s the most exciting thing that’s been going on here. The field is white and ready to harvest… We’re doing well!

Thanks for all the emails and love. I miss y’all so much!
Love y’all,
Sister Stockinger


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