Moe’s Letter – September 4, 2013

Well things have been going pretty good! The Woodville area is GORGEOUS. Sister Allison and I found heaven last Thursday during our Hour of Power. It’s called, “County Road 4300”. STUNNING. The sun was setting, rolling hills, horses, perfect farm fences, little ponds… I couldn’t believe it. Surely there is a loving Heavenly Father!
With everything that has happened the past few weeks I have thought a lot about my favorite scriptures and why they mean so much to me. Alma 17:1-3 (mostly 2 and 3 though). These scriptures are AWESOME. I am just so thankful that we believe in a God of miracles. That after everything we endure He will allow miracles to happen that remind us of His love. There’s just no way… NO WAY! that after serving missions for 14 years that the sons of mosiah and alma the younger – 5 best friends who’ve been through it all – would just happen to run into each other on the road one day. They’ve endured so much; probably assuming everyone else was dead. I can just see them walking on an old dusty road, coming around the corner of a hill or over the top of one, and then just breaking into a dead sprint upon realizing who they were seeing. IT’S SO COOL! The Lord is aware of us. He is merciful. He is mindful of our situations. I am so grateful for that. After all the things I’ve been lucky enough to experience, the council President Crawford has offered (which I didn’t always love at the time), and the wise words of all you family members, I know that God places people into our lives. He inspires them and gives them the words to say; He will not leave us comfortless.
There are some members here, Betty and Milton Odom who are so awesome. Their daughter Emelie is even MORE awesome. They have done so much for us in the short time I’ve been here. But Betty and Emelie are some of the most spiritually in-tune people I’ve ever met. I just want to sit in their house and listen to what they’ve been studying. It’s amazing! But so yesterday they fed us the most amazing Labor Day BBQ… Thomas, I thought you knew how to handle the grill, but boy… You need to come to Texas. THEY CAN COOK! mmm…  We had burgers, brots, boudin, sausages…. ahhhh it was heavenly. And the hot sauce here is growing on me. OH MY GOSH. I am going to have to send some Lousiana Hot Sauce home. It’s to die for. And the baked beans? They put them in a pan, with brown sugar on top, then slices of bacon… OH SNAP. I love beans. I think they are so stinkin’ good. So our Labor Day was spent pretty well… The Fred Elders (Elders Bock and Meyer) got to come too. I have never seen anyone put away so much food like they did. It was like a magic show.
I got ALL the packages y’all sent for my birthday! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I think I’d started to tell y’all I’d opened some early… I couldn’t take it anymore! And I loved everything y’all sent. Megan sent me these BSU sweats which are AWESOME. I really love them. And the CD david sent is amazing! I love Alex Boye. It’s definitely mission approved. And The belt and bracelet thomas sent is super cool. I’m glad he finally made some climbing belts! It’s SWEET! Elder Bock is into climbing so he was pretty jealous. Everything was super great… I’m really grateful y’all sent so much. Oh mom – I LOVED the downeast clothes. The lace top is sooo cute! I wear it almost every other day… hahaha I love it! I can’t wait till the scriptures come in though. Maaan! Come oooon deseret book!
I’ve been a lot more healthy this week. I think the illegal drugs mom sent are really kicking in… hahaha Sister Crawford was all, “Sister Stockinger, it’s okay for your mom to send you medicine, but she needs to notify us as well. We need to know what’s going on” so that was kind of funny. I’ve yet to figure out how to successfully put the oils into the little capsules though. It drips all over my hands! It’s nasty. but we’re working on it!
Sister Allison is such a great companion. She has such a great ability to connect with the people here. They sort of scare me… They all just talk about guns, killing animals, and what they plan to put on the table next. I’m working on seeming interested and not scared out of my mind. But she just goes with it! She’s used to it I guess… I really like working with her. She’s super laid back and doesn’t freak out when things fall through. I think she’s helping me lower my stress levels. Whew!
I’m glad David had a good birthday! Weehoo! What an old fart. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Megan!!!! Hurray! I’m excited to hear about the big family celebration y’all are going to have. I have yet to find something super awesome to send home for her though… Woodville is lacking in shopping. People here talk like walmart carries the season’s most stylish and hottest trends. I sit there in awe. They are humbling me… A lot. hahaha BUT a Texas one-of-a-kind gift is on the way!
But thanks for all the boxes and emails. I miss and love you all so much, but am very much so enjoying myself in Woodville. I’m going to try to send pictures but the computers here are sooo slooow.
Talk to y’all soon!
— Sister Stockinger

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