Moe’s Letter – November 25, 2013

Howdy howdy from dreary, rainy, freezing cold, TEXAS! I never thought I’d say it was freezing cold… Feels like just yesterday it was 107 and I just changed my clothes for the 3rd time (: haha ahh yeaaah… We’re loving this frigid 40 degrees!

This past week has been a doozy. It started with Sister Clegg getting a bit sick, so we had to stay in for a little. Then all of a sudden… Hello double ear infection! I think I’d choose strep throat over an ear infection ANY DAY. This was bad… I called Sister Crawford telling her it was hurting, so she said to sleep it off. So I slept… and slept… and slept some more! I was so dizzy. Holy cow. So then I couldn’t take it anymore. Being in the apt sucks. You just lay there, stare at white walls, and just think about everything going on back home. It’s miserable. So sister Crawford finally let me get some drugs, and those KILLED ME! If there was a side effect, ohh buddy, I made it my own. Things were getting bad; I was crawling from room to room with my eyes closed! It hurt to open them cause of the light, and then standing made me too dizzy… Oh my gosh. I felt so stupid! Poor sister clegg… We’ve barely been comps and this is what she has to deal with. OH MY GOSH. Pure humiliation. So then I just died for a few more days. It got so bad, I thought, “hm. maybe you should have gotten a blessing…” so I let sister clegg drive me out to Spurger where the elders live so I could get a blessing.

Remember when Mom was teaching Megan how to drive stick? And Megan was about to kill the car, so it was doing that jumping leap frog thing when you get terrible whip lash? And she was trying to pull up to the curb, stalled it, and mom threw the door open and flung herself out of the car and onto the grass, broken foot and all?

Well that’s how I felt with sister clegg driving the truck. OH MY GOSH! If the ear infection wasn’t going to kill me, surely my companion’s lack of driving skills would… I thought I was dead. I just kept praying… It was terrifying. So now I only do the driving. Turns out sister clegg can’t see stuff. She needs her eyes checked. Poor girl kept apologizing. She’s scared of the truck, I’m scared of her driving… It all works out. I drive.

So while I was in the apt dying, laying there thinking surely my life is the worst on earth (so selfish, I know), wondering what the crap I’m doing out here on a mission if all I’m going to do is get sick 2 weeks out of the month… Hm… Sister Clegg decided to put some church history videos in. Watching Joseph Smith suffer makes you feel an inch tall. I felt super bad for laying there like a big baby. I am so thankful I didn’t have to be a pioneer! So if you’re having a bad day, just whip out some church history movies.

So by the time we made it out of the apt, it was… Thursday I believe. And by out of the apt, I mean, we made it to the truck. Drove a little ways, then ended back at home. Denese Durr called President (this is so crazy. the members here are so crazy!!!!) and asked him if we could stay with her, watch the other side of heaven, and let her just take care of me. Uh – so embarrassing. President was all, “Um, no. They just need to go home and sleep more”. So we did…

Friday – I’d had enough. I decided the best place to go would be Ivanhoe, cause if I was stumbling around there, no one would question it since they’re all on drugs. So off to Ivanhoe we went! And ya know what? It was the best day ever. I only had a little headache, so I just poured ibuprofen in me and used my doTerra oils. Every door we knocked on we go into, except one! We met with less actives who I’ve never even seen before. It was AWESOME. So we got a new investigator in Ivanhoe!

Later that night we went to visit a less active named Bell. She was baptized in Samoa when she was 13. Usually Bell has the TV on, is yelling at her daughter, and just tells us all about her stupid drug dealer boyfriend who just fathered her most recent baby. This time when we went, she turned off the TV, sent her daughter to bed, and just let us talk. I asked her question after question about her life in Samoa; how she found the church, how she felt about it, why she doesn’t come… I asked her to describe her baptism day. She smiled, told me all about it, and then said this, “I was baptized on a Saturday. My mom wasn’t happy my dad let me do it, so she came and picked me up. I never got to go back to church after that” Sad, right? Then she says, “I also never had that thing when they lay their hands on your head” COME AGAIN?! Turns out, she never got confirmed! So Bell isn’t actually a member! The spirit was so strong and I just started crying. Everything suddenly made sense… Sister Tuigamala and Bell were best friends in Samoa, then Bell moved up here. So then Sister Tuigamala got her mission call here, and it caught Bells attention! When I came to Woodville, Sister Tuigamala would tell me randomly, “You need to visit Bell. Go save my friend!” So I’m crying, telling Bell how much I love her, how much I know Sister Tuigamala loves her, how much God loves her, and how she needs to come to church with us. We went over lesson one a little bit, left her the pamphlet, and do all the other stuff missionaries do. So we turned our less active into an investigator. It was crazy. I was crying like a baby. I was so happy. haha!

So it was a good ending to a terrible week. I’m just thankful I’m not sick this week cause we have too much to do… We’re going to set up our Christmas tree today with the Fred elders. There’s an elder here in our zone who’s from Boise (so awesome. he’s precious) and he just had his birthday so we’re making him some cookies. We’re getting into some holiday spirit! On thanksgiving we have some rounds to make. I don’t know how I’m going to eat all day… I’m so scared. I hardly even ate at home. I think I’m just going to starve myself until Thursday. haha jk. But really… I lost some weight being sick, I dont need it back!

Tomorrow we’re going to Vidor for a double zone conference. We hear it’s going to be a big beat down session since we’re going over the 4th missionary talk. That talk makes me feel so weak and small… haha ahh man. The boys should read that so they know what they’re getting into. Grandma actually sent me a copy too! It’s good.

Basically, I’m alive and doing okay. I miss y’all so much! Give baby Jackson kisses for me. He is soooo cute! Oh my goodness.

I love y’all! Keep on being righteous – do what is right!

— Sister Stockinger



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