Moe’s Letter – November 4, 2013

Well, Sister Allison have started week six of this transfer! Our time is quickly going… We both really think she’s going to get transferred and we are sad 😦 But oh well. Things gotta change! Sister Hunt was kind and pointed out that we’ve been out 7 months (from our MTC date) now! Pretty crazy how quick it goes… By the end of next transfer I’ll be halfway done! 😦 This is no Bueno.

We had a pretty crazy week. It started off with one of our members passing away. We visited her all the time, trying to help her quit smoking and drinking coffee. She was so tender and sweet. I loved her! Apparently she had a heart attack and her neighbor found her just peacefully sitting in her chair :/ Thank goodness for our knowledge of the plan of salvation!

On Tuesday we had the pleasure of meeting with President Crawford. I think this is the first interview I’ve had with him where I didn’t start crying. I ALMOST did, but didn’t! #victory. He’s just so spiritual and kind; he’s so in tune with our needs. We just talked for a few minutes about the growth he’s seen in me and what more he hopes to see out of me. It was a good chit chat. His wife made the most incredible pumpkin muffins. OH MY GOODNESS! So I got the recipe and made those yesterday and today. They are DIVINE. Mmm, mmm…

On Wednesday we got rained out. We had torrential rain storms and flash floods. We were going to the church to set up our Fall Fest with some ladies and we saw a lady sitting in her car with water up to her windows. It was nuts. But it was definitely her own fault! The roads are really slanted so water can run off, and she was driving in the far right lane with bordered a hill, so it created a perfect V for water to build up between the road and the hill. So… It was crazy. Our District Leader ended up telling us to either get to a members house or get home. The crazy part? IT WAS WORSE ON THURSDAY!

So we got rained out for two days this week. It was ridiculous. The rain finally stopped around 5, but President Crawford told everyone to get with a member from 5-8, then go home, on Halloween. So… It was kind of a pointless day.

On Saturday we biked all over wretched Ivanhoe (where we got our truck stuck). No one was home. It was sad… No one was home and no one wanted to hear our glorious message! We were getting pretty desperate, so we tried to go to Joe’s house. He’s the one who pushed our car out of the sand. We knew they go to the Cowboy Church, but we just wanted to see if they liked our Book of Mormon scripture we put in the card we took with the banana bread. Well – we pulled up and his wife suddenly appeared at our window. We said hi, just wanted to check on them, blah blah blah… She said, “Ohh you girls are the sweetest! HEY! Wanna come to the cowboy church tomorrow? it’s at the rodeo grounds, and we’re having duck dynasty day! Everyone is wearing camo and drinking sweet tea!” Uhhh… She then went on to bear us her “testimony” on the cowboy church; how she loved she could wear Capri’s and flip flops, everyone’s a riot, it’s laid back, and you cant deer hunt from 10:30-2 anyways! We were defeated. She invited us again, then had to go. We didn’t get to say a word… But man – I really hate this cowboy church. It used to be based just in Jasper, but they just created the Woodville location. They already have over 120 people going and they’ve been open 2 weeks. -_-. not cool man. 

We visited Lois again. Her kids got on trouble on Halloween so she was making them all stack firewood. It was a BEAUTIFUL day so we got to visit with her outside. We met her fiancé, but he didn’t really want anything to do with us. We had a good discussion with her, then she pulled out a cigarette and smoked in front of us. Uhh… Yep. We’re making dandy progress! haha 

This week has been nuts. I’m just really trying to figure out what the Lord is trying to teach me. I’m in the end of Mosiah right now in my personal reading and just REALLY connected with this story. In 23 the people have been having lots of peace. Alma is doing his thing, things are going good. all of a sudden in verse 21, it says, “Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith”. I thought it was oddly placed; things are going good! But then in Chapter 24 the people are placed into bondage and commanded not to pray out loud. Verses 11-16 are AWESOME. It talks about how the people cried to the Lord in their hearts and he heard them. Then he said that because of the covenants they made with Him, he will visit them in their afflictions and lift their burdens. He didn’t remove them though! Uhhh… but then, the people “…did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord”. Then the Lord tells them that because of their patience and their faith, he will relieve them from bondage the next day. I just really appreciated this story. I know that if I do all I can, am patient, keep my covenants, and cheerfully submit to the Lords will, all will be made right. Things are tough not having any investigators, but this is my burden. I get frustrated sometimes thinking, “I have the desire to find, teach and baptize. I have the desire to bring people closer to Christ. These are righteous desires! Why is the Lord making me wait?” And that’s a question President Crawford and I talked a lot about. He doesn’t know why the Lord is having me wait, but is sure it’s for good reason. I just know he’s going to give us someone who’s ready to be baptized! Someone is prepared for us. I just need to cheerfully endure and submit to the Lord’s will (:

So that’s something I was grateful to learn from the scriptures the other day. I hope y’all are doing the 30 days of gratitude and are reading your scriptures! They’re pretty awesome.

Well I’ve gotta get going. I miss and love you all so much! Thanks for everything you do.

— Sister Stockinger





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