Moe’s letter – December 16, 2013

Well howdy yall (:

Tis the time to bid farewell to beautiful Woodville! My DL, Elder Whimpey, LOVES to play pranks on me. When he called and said I was leaving, I knew he wasn’t kidding, but for the first time ever I prayed he was joking. But no… I’ve been crying and packing for 2 days now… But whatever… Life goes on? I miss this place already. It’s like leaving a nursing home; everyone is your biggest fan hahaha! Denese Durr and a few other members plan to protest outside the church in Kingwood. So keep a look out for their pictures on LDS news! (: haha

I’m sure dad will be thrilled to know that I’m keeping my promise… I said that if the Whataburger opened in Woodville before I left, I’d go. WELL it opens today at 11. Our branch mission leader is so stinkin’ excited about it! It tickles me. He’s taking us there tonight, so… There you go ol’ pops. I’m about to consume fast food! :/ haha nasty. Apparently they have the best ketchup? Uh…

Well on Wednesday we had the most wonderful Christmas Conference with the whole mission! It was glorious. We had some pretty inspiring speakers. This guy who’s in the Vidor ward plays the piano without reading music. He plays only by ear! HOLY COW. He blew me away! THEN he stood up and spoke a little IN AN AUSTRALIAN ACCENT! Heavenly Father has the most hilarious sense of humor… He places a man from my ‘should-be-home’ country in the middle of south east Texas. What a tease! He also likes to load our mission up with elders from Peru; where I thought, without a doubt, where I’d be serving my mission. Oh my goodness… I love it. But so this guy from Australia/Vidor said something that really struck me. He said that in this day and age, we’ve been given something so incredible – electricity. It betters our lives, makes things pleasant, brings people together to watch and enjoy various forms of entertainment… But then every once in a while, something so glorious, hurts someone. Electricity, though it’s a gift, has the potential to kill someone. And that’s the way he sees music; something so glorious and beautiful yet incredibly dangerous. But I just thought: think of how that applies to so many things in life. The general authorities talk about it all the time with the internet; a blessing and a curse. But it was just really cool to hear him talk about music and the way it touches people and poisons people all at the same time.

I got all my Christmas boxes/letters at the conference. Big thanks to Loren and Brenda, mom and dad! I can’t wait to see what president says when he sees me roll up to transfers tomorrow with all these boxes and luggage… I feel like I’m taking everything but the kitchen sink. I’ll probably be sending a box of all my Woodville gifts home… So keep an eye out for it!

On Thursday we had the best day ever. We decided that with all these trips to Beaumont, Vidor, and Houston, we should probably save some miles. So we hit the road walking! I said, “Sister Clegg, this is going to be so great. We are going to meet so many people!” well. We’d walked nearly the whole length of Woodville (which is only about 3 miles haha) without seeing a single soul. So we were feeling a little upset. It was FREEZING and here we are, trying to exercise some faith to find people, gave up our truck, and there was no one! So we went to a park and prayed. I told her, “I wish someone would just drive up to us!” But alas, no one. So we just kept walking. Pretty soon we found a guy who knew pretty much every Mormon in Tyler County; he invited us back. Then we talked to a ton of people who were not interested. Pretty soon, it was 5:45pm and time to pray with a member for our Hour of Power. We did so with Denese, then went to the black neighborhood in the dark! People always tell us never to go there, but I figured i’ve almost had my face ripped off by a dog, been kidnapped, and shot at, all during hour of power so I may as well give the sketchy Cobb Mill Road a shot. While we were walking there… THIS CAR PULLS UP TO US! I’m thinking, “oh snap. I’m about to get shot” so I grabbed my pepper spray and sister Clegg jumped behind me! haha well no, it was DEMIA. The black girl who blessed me in walmart! She wanted to give us a ride! It made me want to cry… Heavenly Father answered my prayer – my wishing someone would drive up to us! Well then we tracted the scariest trailer park and found no one… until the last trailer! (Sounds like an article in the ensign <3) this sweet black lady, Beverly, opened the door and told us to come inside. Turns out, some elders used to go to her house all the time to “teach” her son. They’d basically go over, do some p90x, go play ball at the church, and call it a day. BUT those stinkin’ disobedient elders paved the way! Sweet miss Beverly was so touched by these white boy’s kindness to her son, (who’s now gone and in the marines), that she was so happy to see us and wants to hear what we have to say! It was a miracle. We couldn’t believe it! So we taught a little bit and set an appointment to go back. It was amazing.

The next day… My shoulder was screaming at me. I think I got knocked into too much at Christmas conference, then all the walking kinda jiggled it haha, so it was MAD. So mad, that sister Crawford was getting more and more worried (she still calls us all the time… I feel like a child…) so I got to talk to Dr. Hayes over the phone. When I explained some more stuff, he sat there silently and said, “Sister Stockinger, I need to see you in my office next Wednesday, as well as after Christmas”… He then proceeded to tell me how his wife hurt her shoulder and it took SIX MONTHS for these pains and issues to go away. He told me to pray about my options (gotta love LDS doctors)… Well I jumped in the shower and cried like a little girl. Dr. Hayes pretty much told me I need and MRI or physical therapy, but we all know what that means… Home. So that was fun. We’ll see what he says on Wednesday! But so this phone call slightly traumatized me. I went crazy with my scriptures looking for refuge and guidance. I started looking up everything on ‘enduring’ and ‘running’. Yeeeeah… I found some good stuff.

So that’s pretty much our week… The Fred Elders say they have a Christmas production for us today. I’m a little scared… hahaha but these are probably my favorite elders. They do EVERYTHING for us! Carry my boxes, clean our truck, cook us food on Pday… But I think it’s mostly because this is Elder Whimpey’s first time being a DL and he’s scared outta his mind. We have a good time… I’m going to miss this district so much! I can’t believe I’ve been here 4 months, 1 week, and it’s already time to peace out. I only got to be with sister Clegg for 5 weeks :/ It’s probably a good thing we’re being split up though… Our health keeps us both down too much. I’m just scared of holding back my companions. It’s not fair to them… But oh well.

I’m doing as I’ve been told, multiple times, to pray about my options… So please pray with me! haha I have no idea what to do right now.

I miss and love y’all so much! I’m so excited to open my Christmas boxes. They taunt me. Especially aunt Brenda’s; it makes the most peculiar sound. I’m psyched! Haha I CANT WAIT to Skype with y’all! I’m so excited to hear Keirsten talk… Oh man. I just love y’all so much! Thanks for everything!

— Sister Stockinger



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