Moe’s letter – December 2, 2013

Howdy Y’all! It’s been another wonderful week in the country!
Well I heard West Texas had a killer ice storm. How’s Idaho? haha I also heard Dallas won!!! Good ol’ Milton Odom keeps me in the loop (: How’s BSU?
Well this week has probably been one of my most favorite weeks of the mission…. So many miracles! 
On Monday sister clegg and I went and visited our precious investigators, Andrew (10) and Faith (12). Child, and future step-child to Lois Dobson, one of our glorious less actives. Sister Allison and I had been trying really hard to work with this family but never got anywhere. Sister Clegg is a blessing – her youngest sibiling is 11mo so she can relate to kids really well. You’d think after working in a daycare for 5 years at the gym, and teaching climbing lessons, I’d know how to teach kids a thing or two. NOPE! I think the mission has ruined that in me. haha I’m stiff and boring. So sister clegg is glorious when we teach them! but anyways… We recapped lesson one with them. They knew everything. It was amazing! So we said we’d come see them again on Friday… Friday came around and we taught the plan of salvation. They did so good! I dont know how kids know so much about the gospel, but they do! That just shows how close kids are to Heavenly Father (in my opinion). They rocked that lesson. So we extended a baptismal date, December 21st, and they both said yes! Andrew has actually been begging to be baptized for months. He’s way into 2nd Nephi all on his own. That boy can explain the scriptures better than I can sometimes! He’s so smart. So we committed them to come to church. As in, they actually said “yes, we will be there” – and got lois to say it too. Lo and behold – they came to all 3 hours of church! Now, you have to understand, Faith is very tall, lanky, and timid. Sometimes I wonder if there’s actually any thoughts rollin’ around in her brain. She’s usually ‘deer in headlights’. Well at church, her first time ever going to an LDS church, she stood and bore her testimony! Sacrament meeting is last out here, so she’d warmed up a lot in Young Womens and Sunday School. My jaw dropped when she stood up and went up front! She told our sweet little branch how happy she was, how much she loved our lessons, and how this was her favorite church out of all the ones she’s ever been to! I was ready to start crying – i was so happy! After the meeting I scooted down the row to give her a hug; she just clung to me! I whispered to her some stuff (how proud I was, how i loved her… blah blah blah) and she just cried on my shoulder! I thought my heart was going to burst! She looked at me and said, “Ma’am? May I come back next week?” ahhh I thought I was going to die. She is the best!
As for the rest of this week… We had a huge zone conference on Tuesday in Vidor. We met up with the Orange Zone. It was probably one of the best meetings I’ve been to. Sister crawford taught a portion on companionship unity and showed this video of a dad and his disabled son doing iron mans together. HOLY MOLY. I was a blubbering idiot. Y’all, I cry so much. hahaha I’m so emotional out here! It’s getting a little ridiculous. But I love it. Poor Sister Clegg has no idea what to think of me. hahaha but at zone conference President Crawford gave me a talk to read to “boost my spirits” in loo of being sick all the time. It’s probably my new favorite talk, of all time. Well, maybe… but it’s really good. We talked about it later that night; had a good chat. I am just so amazed at how inspired he is! Mission Presidents are the best.
On Thursday we had 2 thanksgiving meals… The first was very formal. Whoa. I dont think I’ve ever been so proper on thanksgiving. But it was nice… That was probably the only turkey I’ve ever actually wanted to eat. haha but THEN we went out to Odomville. Whoa…. Thanksgiving will never be the same. Hello deer meat! I love deer meat. It’s probably my favorite meat. Better than bacon! Better than chicken! It’s good. Jerky? Fried? Sausage style? I don’t care. But thanksgiving in Odomville was all about the deer meat, turkey, and cornbread dressing. My belly was… Well, I could have given birth. I looked 9mo prego! haha! It was worth it. I’m just gonna have to run for the rest of my mission… Goll dang it! I’m sort of over running. I need to get creative.
Saturday we had a zone “hour of power”. Every saturday at 3 we’re going to tract as a zone. I wasn’t entirely thrilled about this…. Tracting in the country just doesn’t work. It’s impossible. You knock on one door, then drive 15 minutes to the next door! So you’ve really gotta sell it. Well: we went tracting. And ya know what? The Lord really blessed us! After being sick for two weeks, he’s really helping us out. On the 3rd door, we didnt even knock. A black lady opened the door and said, “here, come in!” Uhhh… So in we went and taught lesson one. Turns out she knows half the people in our branch (she works with them at the prison) and is related to the only black guy in our branch! haha so that was crazy. We’ll be seeing her on Sunday (: I’m awfully excited. Oh – her name is Dee.
So this was a wonderful week full of blessings and miracles. I just love woodville more and more! Because of Christmas our transfer is going to be 5 weeks instead of 6, so I’m praying nothing happens… Not right before Christmas! I’d die. haha It’s so beautiful out here. The trees are changing and remind me of Ann Morrison park! It’s glorious. Also – IT’S DECEMBER?! what the… I’ll be chit chatting with y’all in no time! (:
I miss and love you all so much! Thank you for the prayers, emails, and endless love! Kiss the kiddos for me (:
— Sister Stockinger

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