Moe’s letter – December 30, 2013

Well hello my beauties (: I always feel like Marla Olsen when that comes to mind. haha! Tell her I love her!

This has been a pretty great week. I feel like I’ve already updated you on it though… so… Here goes the last 3 days!

Shelly lives with her parents right now; she is going through a divorce. Her parents have not been the most supportive of her and Grace’s baptism and have so lovingly given her anti material; most of it on the temple. Now that I’ve been through the temple and I hear people’s crazy ideas, it PAINS my heart and soul. Shelly was having a really hard time with it, claiming she’d get baptized but NEVER will ever go to the temple… Thankfully, on Friday, we had a game night with her and two awesome families. Another lady in the ward threw a girls night for all the little girls in the ward so Grace was able to go to that; she had the best time! It was perfect. So we embarrassed ourselves playing gestures and what not, then Shelly (who is not shy, at all) starts busting out all her anti! These couples handled it so well. I was sweating like it was mid July! haha annnd that’s gross… but really – I never know how to handle people’s questions about the temple, or how to tactfully disprove their anti on it without saying something I shouldn’t. So I pretty much sat there – thank goodness! But these couples were 100% amazing for the evening. We left at 9 and Shelly stayed till 11. She said they really helped her and she is so excited for the day she gets to go to the temple!

On Saturday we went to lunch with Shelly, Grace, and their friend James who got baptized over the summer. It was nice to just be chill with them, show them we really are their friends and what not. We went over the baptismal program with them; Shelly got teary eyed (: SUCCESS! haha it was great.

So on Sunday: whoa. My first official Sunday in the Summerwood Ward! I have never felt so overwhelmed in my life. I had people hugging me, touching my hair, stroking my arm, shaking my hand… WHOA! And no one was telling me their name! It was just, “Hi Sister Stock, so nice to meet you! *pat my head*” what the weird?? These people have way too many kids. Kids out number the adults by a long shot! It was frightening. I kept expecting it to get quiet… and of course that never happened. Plus Shelly has crazy ADHD so she was talking to me the whole time, tabbing her quad out the wazoo, laying her head on my shoulder… whoa! I have learned that I have a very large bubble of personal space and no one cares. I just keep thinking WHOA PEOPLE! So church was… not the most spiritual it’s ever been on my mission. haha

But it got way better. Sister Stofferahn and I went home and made lunch then took it to the church to start filling the font. Well we’d been sitting there about… eh, 30 minutes and I went to peek at the font. IT WAS FILLING. We forgot to drop the plug! So I had to hike up my maxi skirt and kick off my shoes to go drop the dang plug… Except it wouldn’t drop! That sucker was stuck. I was stomping on it, twisting it… I almost panicked but knew what would be ridiculous. Right? Haha well… Sister Stofferahn panicked a little bit and then my heart started to pound. Thankfully, the dang thing dropped and it started to fill. Well 20 minutes before the service was supposed to start the font wasn’t even halfway. We were like, “Holy cow. This is so bad. We are going to have to entertain a chapel FULL of people because we forgot to plug the dang font!” We had so much support from the ward; tons of people were there! It was so sweet and touching. Grace was PSYCHED! More than half the primary was there and they were just fluttering around Grace. Kids are #1 fellow shippers! haha So we started the service with the font still filling. And then the service started going sort of long… one of the speakers just kept talking, and talking, and yammering on about something that had nothing to do with the Holy Ghost… and all I could think about was: the font is still on. the font is still on!!!! As soon as we were dismissed for the ordinance, we all RAN to the room… THE FONT WAS FULL TO THE BRIM! a couple more inches and that sucker would have been spilling into the bathrooms! It was so bad. SO BAD!!! Well… On with the show, y’all! Grace went first… the water was up to her neck hahahahaha! It was so high. Oh man. She was in a swimming pool! I wanted to die. It was not good… When she got dunked, it was like, “hm, uh, here grace, just barely bend your knees and…. PERFECT!” Then Shelly went… And since it was so full, and we now have 2 adults in the font… Well the water splashed a little (: haha whoops! and James, her friend performing the ordinance, did not help her up. He just laid her in the water and left her there! She was all floundering to stand up! Ahh man… But, it was great. Shelly was crying, grace was beaming, all was well.

I am just so thankful for this gospel! I don’t know how people make it through life without this knowledge of our Savior and loving Heavenly Father. I feel so blessed and humbled to see Grace and Shelly overcome their trials, exercise their faith, and do everything they need to come closer to our Father. Being a missionary ROCKS.

Happy late birthday to dad! I swear I’ve been thinking about it for weeks… I’ll stick something legit in the mail soon!

I miss y’all and love y’all soooo much! Thanks for all the love, support, and prayers!

— Sister Stockinger



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