Moe’s letter – December 9, 2013

Howdy Y’all!

Well… This has been the most bizarre week. I apologize now for this being short… Like, really short!

Last Monday we had a wonderful day making baptismal count down things for our investigators. We can’t wait to give them to them! Elder Whimpey made us some fish and I made some Sister Crawford pumpkin muffins, so the week started good!

On Tuesday we went to Vidor to have Sis Clegg’s blood drawn. She’s had some previous health problems and so we’re trying to get things figured out. We had to drive an hour, took ten minutes to get her blood drawn, then drove back. I was feeling a little dizzy from focusing on the road (it’s been raining super bad!) and just laid on the floor to chill out and breathe. Weeell… I dislocated my shoulder getting up! Weehoo… I pretty much just screamed my head off while sister Clegg stood there in shock. I got it back in myself… I think this makes #7 for the left arm. Wooo… So we went and got a sling and called it good!

Well on Wednesday my arm was killing. So I caved and called sister Crawford. haha! She got me a doctor appointment in Beaumont with an orthopedic surgeon, D.r Hayes. He told me to wear my sling for 3 weeks and everything SHOULD heal, but we can’t tell without an MRI… Well… I can’t get an MRI in Texas. My left arm is about 3 inches longer than the right; my shoulders are completely slanted. This is probably one of the worst dislocations I’ve had. Basically, I had a meltdown that night, being left handed and all. hahaha! So embarrassing… Poor sister Crawford told me I needed to pray about my options: go home now, wear the sling for 3 weeks and see if it heals, wear the sling and then go home if it doesn’t heal… So then I really started crying. She let me call my mom! Well, mom didn’t answer the phone…

Thursday morning mom called me back. We discussed a lot of stuff, so that was cool. Sister Crawford banned us from missionary work. We were stuck in the apt… again. On top of all my issues, sister Clegg’s health has gotten way worse.

So skipping a few pointless days: here we are on Monday again. We are about to go to Beaumont to take sister clegg to the doctor. I’m still in my sling, my arm isn’t hurting as much, but it catches funny if i try to use it. I should probably stop trying to using it… I have a killer knot in my shoulder from being slanted! If anyone knows a good massage therapist in Texas… (: haha jk.

Basically: I miss y’all so much. I’m learning a lot about the Savor and the atonement right now. I’m learning how to be thankful for my trials… I think I totally brought this upon myself. There’s an elder whose dad just passed away and he chose to stay out here. When the Crawfords told us, I thought “I’d never be that strong. I’d totally have to go home” annnd now that I’m being faced with going home… Shoot doggy.

Oh – On Saturday we were getting meds for sister Clegg at Walmart. This girl I contacted a couple weeks ago walked up to me and said “Hey, do you remember me? I have the power of God to heal people” I kinda just stared at her… “I heal people in Walmart all the time. but you gotta have the faith” I said, “Oh, that’s nice!” then all of a sudden, right there in the self-checkout line, this girl placed her hand on my shoulder and called on the powers of heaven to heal me. I was all, uhh… do I close my eyes? fold my arms? what the heck!? Does my arm feel better? hahaha no. not really. Kids, women do not have the priesthood. I am so thankful that worthy men in our gospel do! It was crazy… But hey – she had GREAT faith! Gotta admire those southern Baptists!

Thanks for everything y’all do! I miss and love y’all so much. I LOVE this time of year! Everyone is so nice right now (: haha Thanks for all the love and emails!

— Sister Stockinger



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