Moe’s letter – February 10, 2014

This week we’ve done… a lot but nothing? We aren’t really sure what happened. 

We feel like we’ve been so productive for the past 2 weeks but haven’t had much to show for it. Granted: missionary work doesn’t always produce immediate results, but… STILL! haha we were feeling a bit bummed out. It’s really obnoxious riding 20+ miles every day and not having anyone to teach… But that’s what makes this such a fun game (: 

We are learning that right now we are separating the wheat from the tares. We have so many names the elders have given us to work with that we just can’t keep up with them all! So, a couple people have dropped us… Normally, we get really frustrated, but it’s all good. They’ve met us, they were interested at one time, and now they can wait to bump into new missionaries. Now we can focus on knocking on everyone else’s door!

This week we had a pretty big miracle though. Sister Davis from the Humble ward texted us and told us we needed to go visit her former sister in law, Michelle. Michelle has been inactive for a few years, but had raised her first 2 kids in the gospel; one of which is on a mission. Her son on a mission told Sister Davis that she needed to contact the missionaries and send us to his house… 

And it happened to be ME! Sister Davis’s daughter is also on a mission and we’ve been pen pals for a while. She got my letter telling her I was in Summerwood and wrote back and said… “Go see my aunt!” AND (now try to keep up…) one of our ward missionaries, Sister Malwitz, had scheduled a dinner for us to have dinner with Michelle and her nonmember husband and daughter. All of this happened last Monday. So it was totally inspired for us to go over and spend time with them! It was crazy. But it turned out really well! Randy, the nonmember husband, sees us riding bikes all the time and worries about us. So now we have a good friend with a truck who will send his wife to get us whenever we need (: haha It’s awesome! So we had a good ol’ time visiting with them and finally building a relationship. We hope to start working to build them up!

Thursday we ran into some technical problems… Sister Stofferahn broke her bike. She had tried to curb hop the night before and totally biffed it. haha! It was so funny. But apparently that broke something on her bike. Her chain keeps falling off, even if it’s on a middle gear, and she doesn’t touch the gear shift so… We don’t know. It feel off 4 times within an hour so we finally gave up and called a member. This member, Sister Smith, has been awesome! She takes us places all the time. She’s wonderful! But her husband has a truck so she came to get us and also let us borrow her bike. So we’re in business! It’s been great. 

We think we’ve finally worked everything out with our ward mission leader to get a ward 40 day fast going. It should be starting in two weeks and we’re so pumped! However, we aren’t really sure where bishop stands on it and so… he could shoot it down. 

Last night I think we had the scariest dinner of my whole life. We had dinner with our stake president, President Banks. This man… whoa. He’s mono-toned and scary. But he immediately sat at the table with us and started grilling us on what the ward was doing to help us. Turns out: they do nothing! We didn’t feel like they did nothing, but to him, they do nothing. So now everyone is about to get their booties kicked in next week’s meeting. We feel a little bad… but he said, “Sisters, when’s the next baptism?” “We’re shooting for the 9th!” then his head snapped up, looked at us with big scary eyes and said, “The 9th of what?” “Um… er… March?” You’d have thought we’d have said August by the way he reacted! “Sisters, have you had a baptism this month?” “No, sir” “Sisters, what is your bishop doing to facilitate a baptism this month?” “Um, well.. er…” “Sisters, go to your bishop, tell him I sent you, and inform him that there will be a baptism before Feb. 28th. Am I clear?” “Er, uh, yes, sir…” “Unless he has given you names to work with, has gotten on his knees with the ward council and prayed about it, has personally driven you around, he has not done ‘all that he can’ to support you. Are we clear?” “Yes, sir” “Great. Sisters, when’s your next baptism?” “Uh, well sir… Sunday the 23rd?” “That sounds like an excellent day. I’m looking forward to it”. 

WHOA! We almost burst into tears we were so scared. So we went and told bishop… he didn’t really care. He just said President Banks gets going and doesn’t know how to stop. But… We’re afraid. We think he’s totally going to get laid into next Sunday. Whooooa… So Sister Stofferahn and I are now working like maniacs to have a baptism on the 23rd. We’re gonna pee our skirts if it doesn’t happen and we have to have dinner with President Banks again! Holy Moly… He knows how to get stuff done!

So that’s the jist of the week. Things have been going well, but could go better. We feel like each week we step up our game, but then we realize there’s still more to do… So who knows, maybe this transfer will be the one I lose all my hair. I feel like I could rip it all out at this point… gaaah! Crazy crazy life.

But I miss y’all so much and am thankful for all y’all do! Love you!

— Sister Stockinger



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