Moe’s letter of 105 reasons you should serve a mission – written the middle of January 2014

Maurinda wrote this letter to her brothers the middle of January with it being a list of what makes a mission great…all from Moe’s no particular order. Some stuff is funny, others spiritual. She wrote to her brothers and said, “I always thought I understood what people meant when they said a mission helps with every aspect of your life. Now that I’m here I don’t even know how to describe how incredible the mission really is. I’ve learned things about myself, about other people, about God, about Christ, about why mom and dad do all the stuff they do…can’t totally explain it. Missions are a blessing. If you serve, the Lord will give you the best opportunities. You have to give Him your all, not cut corners. Honestly, you do not want to miss out on this experience. I LOVE MY MISSION! You’ll hate life if everyone has legit mission stories except you. BUT, serve God because you love Him, not cuz other people are telling you too.”

1. You get to pray a lot
2. You learn how to get along with people
3. A stronger testimony
4. Sweet quads from your bike!
5. Weird food – and like it!
6. You get to make people cry happy tears
7. Feel the Spirit more than ever
8. Meet awesome people
9. Make lifelong friends
10. You LOVE the mailman!
11. Mission presidents are legit
12. You have a sweet purpose each day
13. You learn from your mistakes faster
14. Listening to people pray for the first time
15. You learn how to kick dogs & not feel too guilty
16. You learn how to listen to the Spirit
17. You understand the scriptures more
18. You gain a better knowledge of the Atonement
19. You get to play basketball every Monday!
20. You learn scotch tape and Ensigns make anything pretty
21. You get a sweet name tag!
22. You learn to be Christ like
23. Your experiences turn into post-mission legends
24. Monday is now the BEST DAY EVER!
25. You learn who you really are
26. You learn who your Father is
27. You learn how to cook
28. You learn how to speed clean
29. You get to help people change their lives
30. Seeing the Light come into people’s eyes is better than a sunrise
31. You see people for who they really are
32. You get to live somewhere you probably otherwise never would have! A “pin-drop-on-a-map” town 😊
33. You learn “cause & effect” quickly
34. Heavenly Father answers prayers in unexpected ways
35. You love anyone and everyone
36. You appreciate your family
37. You appreciate a home-cooked meal
38. You become an expert stalker
39. You are the Master of awkward situations! It’s awesome!
40. You get to go to the temple!
41. You can see the hand of God.
42. You can feel the angels rejoice
43. When your heart hurts it’s usually a good thing
45. Thanksgiving rocks too
46. You learn neat stuff (like skinning animals)
47. “The Best Two Years” suddenly makes sense!
48. 2 years/18 months goes by WAY fast
49. 2 years add up to 10% of your life thus far
50. Worn out shoes are a mark of hard work
51. You get given the ugliest ties/skirts you’ve ever seen!
52. Pit-stained white shirts are a mark of glory (but still gross)
53. You learn to love MoTab
54. People don’t judge you for crying
55. You get to learn a new language even though your call packet said English
56. 9 am is WAY late in the day
57. You get FAT & HAPPY!
58. People laugh at your lame jokes
59. Your journal becomes Holy Scripture for your posterity
60. Sometimes your journal starts to sound like the Book of Mormon
61. You learn how to cut your own hair
62. Shaving becomes less important to Sisters & more important to Elders
63. You get good at singing hymns
64. Your standards change for the better
65. You’re GENERALLY happy in the worst situations
66. Having less is no big deal
67. Mom sends you sweet stuff
68. Your best friends are people you NEVER would have hung out with in high school
69. A piece of earth (your mission boundaries) becomes holy ground
70. You get to exercise your priesthood
71. Reading the Book of Mormon has you on the edge of your seat
72. You learn how to study
73. You learn how to be selfless
74. You memorize incredible stuff
75. You learn how to budget better
76. Sometimes you have nerf wars – aka: fiery darts of the adversary
77. Staying up til 10:30 pm is WAY too late!
78. You always look sharp
79. People wave at you
80. Bad weather is your best friend
81. You help create eternal families
82. You learn how to do hard things
83. You learn how everything in life really does revolve around the gospel
84. You realize fellow shipping is key… Mormons talk funny!
85. You see how blessed you are to be born into the Church
86. Bike helmets aren’t THAT bad
87. You wish you’d never quit piano lessons
88. You worry more about others than yourself
89. You gain confidence
90. Obedience is everything
91. The “primary answers” are super important
92. Birthdays really aren’t that important
93. Baptists aren’t THAT scary, but…the JWs are!!!
94. You get good at fasting
95. You learn how to set good goals
96. You learn how to talk about your personal feelings
97. You rid yourself of bad habits
98. You won’t let small stuff stand between you and The Lord
99. You learn that putting God first helps everything else fall into place
100. You let go of worldly things and realize how much happier you are/can be
101. True repentance is possible
102. Heavenly Father loves us no matter what
103. Heavenly Father expects us to show gratitude (plus He deserves it)
104. True faith leads to action
105. Serving a mission is the BEST choice you could ever make! It makes all the difference.

“I can promise you if you give Heavenly Father your absolute best HE WILL BLESS YOU! I haven’t always given my 100% and it’s only made me suffer. When I give Him my all, everything else works out in my favor. Seriously! Heavenly Father knows I’m sacrifices precious time … I could be working, dating/getting married, or be halfway done with school by now. It’s so worth it though. I wish I could accurately describe what a mission is really like. It’s hard work. It’s exhausting. I usually sleep really well. But the way you feel when you see other people make a good choice or when they pray for the first time or come to church..ITS PURE JOY! Like WOW. Overwhelming joy and happiness! I really don’t think there’s anything better I could be doing or people I’d rather spend every day with. I love my mission!” (Then her testimony…)

Sigh. I don’t tire of reading this list over and over. Love the feelings it gives me, the growth in her.


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