March 10, 2014

Y’all, this has been a weird week…

It started off good! Like… Really good. We went to a less active/part member family’s house. Brother Garza (I may have mentioned him before…) was baptized as a kid but hasn’t been to church since he was 10. He has a 14yr old son and a 9yr old daughter. So right now we’re trying to simply get them to church! Brother Garza has worries about his son, River, because of the path he may be headed down. Brooke, his daughter, has no reservations. She’s totally ready to come to church! She even goes to A-days sometimes. I love them! They are amazing.

Tuesday… Well… Hello Sickness! I started us off with a lovely funky bug, and that went till Thursday. On Friday I was totally pumped to get out of the apartment and work! Except my companion was then sick. We have such great comp unity – we share! So then she was only sick Friday and Saturday, so Sunday we went to church. Well right after church we had to book it home because I was… SICK AGAIN! We called our zone leaders because they attend the singles ward at our building in the afternoon, so we met up with them and they gave me a blessing. We just can’t have another week like this… it was terrible! But it happens I guess.

So in thinking about – what did I accomplish this week? – I realized I really got to dive deep into the scriptures. When we study in the mornings we study for our investigators needs. We don’t read the scriptures for our own benefit… So sometimes, even though we’re reading gospel things all the time, I don’t always feel “fulfilled” because I didn’t get to read something my spirit was hungry for. So we studied for our investigators, but then also go to spend a lot of time searching the scriptures for ourselves! It was amazing.

2 Nephi has become one of my favorite books. I feel like I’ve received so much revelation! I have always loved 2 Nephi 4 (Nephi’s psalm) but now I REALLY love it. And 2 Nephi 5? Wow! I always kind of skimmed this chapter I think… Nephi is all talking about how they became industrious, learned to work hard, built a temple, and studied the gospel… Then in verse 27 he says, “And it came to pass we lived after the manner of happiness”. Everything leading up to verse 27 is a guide to living happily! Work hard, study the scriptures, keep the commandments, and go to the temple. What more do we need? I love it.

In the bible I really attached to the story of Lot. There’s a Mormon message video, “New Years: Look Not Behind Thee” that I’ve fallen in love with. But they talk to random New Yorkers about Lot. It’s funny – but it has one of the best messages! Even though it’s not New Year’s, it still applies. The problem with Lot and his wife is… She desired to be back in the city. It wasn’t that she simply looked over her shoulder to see the destruction, she looked back to see the destruction of everything she deeply loved. They’re leaving Sodom! A wicked, wicked place… But she longed to be there. The Lord said, “…Look not behind thee…” (Gen. 19:17) but she did anyways. She was attempting to live in the past. Kind of like how we start diets? “Okay – one last cookie before I swear them off for the rest of my life!” for her it was, “One last glimpse of everything I love”. She probably didn’t even give the future any consideration – that maybe it could be better than the past! So LOOK NOT BEHIND THEE! Live in faith and hope for the future. Don’t look back and say, “Look how unsuccessful I’ve been at inviting people to hear the gospel” Say, “Look how many people I’ve tried to share the gospel with!” Move forward, keep trying, and don’t give up on yourself. Let go of what’s holding you back! Two feet in the present.

Well I love y’all and miss y’all! I hope y’all have a great week.


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