Moe’s Letter – April 14, 2014

This week was a little rough… but it started off awesome! We got to watch the Saratov Approach… Whoa. A little ways in I had to think, “Should I really watch this?” but I finished it and am so glad I did. It was AMAZING. Very inspiring.

Monday night we met with a lady named Brandy. She doesn’t actually live in our ward boundaries, but the Elders asked us to teach her in hopes that she’ll progress with sisters. She’s been going through a lot, and we thought we had a breakthrough with her… but she didn’t come to church. Soooo… We’ll be working on her some more.

On Tuesday we went contacting for a few hours and I got a HUGE blister on my foot. It’s lovely. But it was totally worth it; we contacted a lot of people! So our potential investigator lists are growing, which is much needed. Oh – we had our crochet group for the first time that morning as well! It went good. We had one less active come and she says she’s coming again tomorrow! We’re really trying to get her some friends. Our RS president was THRILLED we set this group up, so she announced it in RS yesterday. Hopefully more people will come!

We also had dinner with the Smiths that night and challenged Aaron to pray about being baptized on April 26th. He said he would, and that he’d also come to church and read a chapter a day out of the Book of Mormon. He’s doing so well. I LOVE THIS FAMILY. My heart is ready to burst! We have the best discussions with him.

On Wednesday Sister Martinez got really sick. She went and threw up during our dinner appointment. That was exciting… They have no clue, so it’s okay; her ego was saved. Whew! (: Unfortunately, we got dropped by Brittany. She’s the one who’s dad had a heart attack and we didn’t get to see her for a couple weeks. We stopped by on Tuesday, set something up for Wednesday night, then Wednesday morning she called and said no thanks. Bummer, but at least she has a Book of Mormon!

On Thursday we went to a knitting group at the library. Yes, I can officially pearl stitch and knit stitch. I don’t like it though… But we got to meet a couple ladies (which was the goal) and had some good conversations.

We also had President Interviews on Thursday. It took HOURS. So we got to hang with the assistants and sister Crawford; lots of good and useful training. Poor President Crawford is becoming more and more weepy as his time to be released approaches 😦 Sister Crawford was a mess… It’s so sad. They are AMAZING! I love them so much. 

Thursday night we had Brother Allred join us at the Smith’s home. We followed up on all the things Aaron committed to do… It was awesome. He said he prayed about being baptized on April 26th, and feels that it’s the right day!!!!!!! He’s still working on gaining a solid testimony of Joseph Smith, but is headed in the right direction. Watching conference with him was AMAZING. He really connected with L. Tom Perry’s talk. He said he feels like he’s been pulled here and there and has ended up some place he never intended, but it’s better than he expected. So we asked him to expound on that. I asked, “How has studying the gospel helped you?” he replied with, “Starts with an ‘every’, ends with a ‘thing’ ” I thought my heart was going to jump up and out! The spirit was so strong as he bore testimony and has come to realize how the gospel is helping him with everything. He’s been reading the Book of Mormon every day, is praying sincerely, and is doing all that he can to gain a testimony. Having Brother Allred there was excellent as well. He really helped solidify Aaron in the way of reading the Book of Mormon. After Brother Allred went on this little talk about the Book of Mormon, Aaron turned to him and said in the goofiest way with the biggest smile, “I loooove you!” We all just laughed because we knew Aaron is getting a firm foundation and is really connecting with people in the ward! 

We have a dinner with them tonight at the Tolman’s – he was so excited when we invited them to come. He is really grasping and cleaving to the gospel!

Oh – I also read a chapter a day with him and then text him about it. Sometimes he replies, other times he doesn’t. But today we had a very detailed conversation about the 2 recent chapters. He is getting so much out of the scriptures! It’s the craziest thing. He has really caught hold of the Spirit and is trusting Heavenly Father!

Friday night we went and helped Kayla Labaron with some wax seals. She’s been planning a wedding for her cousin (she has a degree in interior design). So we went and helped with some details. The next day, Saturday, we went to just help her finish up the wax seals for the ‘Thank Yous’. Well… We ended up being there for 6 hours. Hurray for service! It turned out awesome though. Her cousin married a nonmember and most of the guests there were his, so we were able to talk with a ton of people! It was awesome. The wedding was GORGEOUS. Holy cow. I wish I had taken pictures! But this guy has a sleeve tattoo and is a total punk. So they had these sugar cookies that said “Vans” on them in place of his grooms cake. Everything was so elegant but edgy. It was a lot of fun. But Kayla just thanked us and thanked us (I really don’t know how she had intended to get it all done… So much to do!) But it was all so much fun.

Sunday Aaron came to sacrament meeting but then had to go meet up with some builders for their house. We were happy he came for that though!

So today is Sister Martinez’s birthday. Kayla is taking us to get out nails done and then we’re doing some shopping.

I have to get going… Someone is waiting. But I love y’all and miss y’all! The church is so true!

Love you!

— Sister Stockinger


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