Moe’s letter – April 28, 2014

Hello, hello!
We just finished up week six of the transfer… Yes – I’ve been here in Vidor for a month and a half already! SO. CRAZY. Buuut the good news is: I’m staying! ha. Not really a surprise.
This week was AMAZING. We’ve been working with Aaron a ton. He’s doing soooo well! He’s totally going to be ready for May 10th. He’s officially quit smoking; he hasn’t smoked in almost 3 days. He also hasn’t had coffee in over a week! He’s amazing. He really, really, wants to be baptized and someday go to the temple. He is so sweet and sincere! I love him and his family sooo much. They’re building a house right now, so I told them to just build me a “cupboard under the stairs” type deal for me 😛 haha
Our Crochet group is going well! We had it at the library this week. The library has it once a month so it’s good to go and meet nonmembers. We opened the group up to all the women who were there so we may have more coming to Sister Smith’s house now! I’m excited. We’re going to start showing Mormon message videos at the group. I’ve been working on a blanket; almost done! It’s really pretty. I’d send pictures, but it’s pretty much impossible at the library… They have it set up WEIRD. So if I ever send pictures, I have to do it at my ward mission leaders studio. And that just takes a while to load stuff… cause my companion takes a long time… so… Sorry, I don’t send pictures home often!
Our investigator Chris just up and moved out of the blue. He ran into some trouble so he had to skip town (: Yep – we find the good ones! haha. We showed up for our appointment as he was grabbing the last of his belongings. He grabbed his jacket and his BofM; it was precious. haha His buddy Tom had to move out too then… luckily his aunt lived around the corner so he’s bumming it on her couch for now. His aunt is SO NICE. She’s been taught before, so we’re going to work on both of them now.
On Tuesday we met up with Bobby; our emotionally troubled friend. We had Sister Smith with us. Poor bobby has a hard, hard, life… But we can already see the change in him! We met with him Tuesday, then Friday, then went to a baptism on Saturday, and then he came to church on Sunday! WHOA. He’s progressing very well. We just need to get him to read on his own. He doesn’t have the greatest education; he can barely read. But we’re working on it! He really is so sweet, just very intense in personality. But we did set a date with him for May 17th! We’re hoping to get him moving along but we know he has some word of wisdom hold ups, as well as cohabitating with a female friend. Sooo… we’ll have to figure those out quickly.
Wednesday morning we went and did an activity with some kids in our ward who are homeschooled. Their mom just had baby #6. So we went and talked about David and Goliath. We had them color a huge goliath while we read the scriptures and then played “pin the rock on goliath”. So it was fun.
I got my hair trimmed up this morning! This lady is sooo nice; Sister Callahan. She’s in the 1st ward and has the most beautiful salon in her house. Wow! She’s so amazing. But she trimmed up the back so the front can catch up and let it get out to an A-line.
This week was just so great – I’m not even giving it justice! We were so blessed to visit with a lot of inactives and most of our investigators. I love being in Vidor; it’s amazing. There’s just such a special spirit here. People call it the “vidor vortex” cause once you’re in, you can never leave. If you do leave, you end up back here! I understand why though… There’s just something great about living here! Even though people are all crazy on weed and bath salts, it’s okay… we love them nonetheless!
Thanks for all the love and emails! I miss and love y’all so much!
— Sister Stockinger

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