Moe’s Letter – April 7, 2014

Today is going to be one of the most thrilling days of my mission. We get to watch a pg-13 movie…. THE SARATOV APPROACH! haha! President Crawford is officially cool. I mean – he’s always been awesome and I love him to death… but you can tell he’s letting us have ‘fun’ before he goes home this july. We had to memorize a ton of scripture references in order to participate. It was totally worth it.
Wasn’t general conference the best ever? Wow. I don’t even know where to start…. We got to watch the Sunday afternoon session with one of our investigators. He listened so intently! Sister Martinez and I got so excited when Elder Aidukaitus spoke; he just toured our mission. His talk was PERFECT for Aaron; it spoke to the soul! So we’re super pumped to meet with him tomorrow and talk about everything.
This whole week I was super sick… I don’t know what happened. We think it may have been crazy allergies or just a monster cold. But I’ve been taking crazy sinus drugs because my whole head has been pounding and out of control.
We’ve been trying to meet a lot of less actives this week… it’s been interesting… But one of them has committed to taking the lessons! So that’s pretty awesome.
On Thursday, the 3rd, I was getting a ton of texts from other missionaries… “Happy birthday!” is what they all said… It made no sense to me. But then I realized: my birth into the mission. Holy moly! It went quick. Another elder pointed out: the next time we watch conference, the next weekend he and I will be on a plane home together. Literally; he lives in Idaho Falls. We’ll probably fly into Boise together. Sooo crazy!!!
Our district leader had his birthday. We went and got him balloons and Shipley’s donuts. He’s probably one of the more awkward elders in the mission, but we have a good time. He’s super nice to us and helps us get the work done; provides some good insight and ideas. So we tried to make it a good day for him.
I’m sorry this is so short, but people are waiting to use the computers… But I love y’all and miss y’all so much!  Thanks for all the love and prayers! The Church is true!
— Sister Stockinger

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