Moe’s Letter – Busy busy! – May 12, 2014

Hey y’all! this has been a crazy busy week. sorry to my family who gets to reread everything I told them yesterday… when I got to call home! That was fun – mom and dad almost didn’t answer the phone! I guess they just don’t miss me that much… (: haha jk.
Aaron Smith was baptized this weekend!!!! We spent a lot of time throwing together the details; who was bringing what for refreshments, center pieces, programs… the whole shebang. We pulled it off though! We had a HUGE amount of support from the ward! The room was past capacity. It made me so happy. Sister Smith was STUNNED. She had no idea people loved her husband and family so much! It was a real blessing.  Aaron is very shy, but we could tell he was happy to have people there. His friends clint and heather came, then his dad and nephew came. His dad even came to sacrament meeting the next day to witness his confirmation! It was so special. I think his dad, Rodney, is totally ready to take the lessons. We’ll be working that out this week (:
When Aaron got confirmed yesterday, I cried like a baby. But I always do… I cried when Shelley and grace got confirmed, I cried when we went to the temple with Shelley and she got confirmed for her grandmas, and then I CRIED when aaron got the holy ghost! Ahh geeze… Right after he got confirmed I had to stand and speak. It was awful. People seemed to have liked my talk, but… Still, I couldn’t get my heart under control!
Aaron taught me how to be an electrician this week. I think he likes me more than Sister Martinez, cause he wouldn’t let her wire lights 😛 but I got to!!! haha whoops. It was actually a lot of fun. Aaron loves what he does! Since they’ve been building their house they’re saving a ton of money by Aaron doing this portion of the labor. So we got to help! I push mowed about an acre of grass, sister Martinez weeded their HUGE garden, then we got to learn how to pull wire and then Aaron taught me how to wire can lights! I loved it. He calls me his ‘prodigy electrician’. We’re probably going to go help get more done tonight! It has to be finished tomorrow morning so the inspector can come and approve it. We need the sheet rock to go up!
Our sweet spirit investigator, Bobby, has officially dropped off the face of the planet… we haven’t had contact with him for a couple week 😦 I’m so bummed! He was doing SO WELL. He came to church and everything! But I guess that’s just what happens… Stupid Satan.
Talking to the fambam was AWESOME! I can’t wait to kiss and cuddle Keirsten! I can’t believe Mom asked if she should post my homecoming on FB… That was a slap of reality (: haha esta bien.
One of my favorite elders is about to go home. He has 4 weeks left! He also just had a super bad ingrown toe nail ripped out so he can’t ride a bike for 3 weeks. Well, I like to bike. So poor sister Martinez is going to have to suck it up and ride her bike with me cause we’re giving the car to the elders! haha It’s only three weeks. That’s nothing compared to what Sister Stofferahn and I did. And now Summerwood is a permanent bike area! So we’ll be okay. I’m going to carry wasp spray in my basket to take care of dogs. It shoots farther than my pepper spray (: yay sacrifice!
Oh – on Saturday we had a huge preparedness fair. It was AWESOME! I had a ton of fun at it. We ate yummy bread all day with mayhaw jelly. We did a booth on sprouting seeds. Thank goodness I had a meager knowledge of it thanks to mom! Everyone thought I was a professional gardener. HA! If only they knew… I hate gardening. But oh well! I had fun; converted a bunch of people to the ways of sprouts. Mmm.
But anyways… that’s pretty much it. I’m super glad this week is done because it was CRAAAZY!!! Oh – we had studies with President Harris on Saturday. He is LEGIT. He knows so much about the gospel! So we just go and soak it in. but he talked to us about the second coming. Did you know: the second coming is the most talked about topic in the scriptures? it makes sense since that’s what we’re preparing for… but it was so great!
I miss and love y’all so much! thanks for everything!!!
— Sister Stockinger

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