Moe’s Letter – Hey hey – May 19, 2014

Hello family! We are 3 weeks into this transfer… time is flying by! I love Vidor so much, I don’t ever want to leave! Not that I don’t love my companion, but I kind of hope if someone HAS to get transferred in 3 weeks that it’s her 😛 hehe (:

We had someone new join us for our crochet group this week! Sister Dwitt came. She’s hilarious. She’s in the RS presidency and just never has her head quite screwed on right. She’s a hoot and a half! We had a grand time. I’ve started a “Vidor Scarf” that I want people I meet on the street and all my favorite members to add a row or two to. So: my gangsta investigator, Tom, added a row to it this week. He was pretty psyched! Haha I have pictures. He’s just COVERED in tattoos. Seriously a bad booty dude. But we love him! We’re working on him! He’s about to go work on a shrimp boat, 2 weeks on 1 week off, so hopefully we can keep up with him.
Our minion run got cancelled 😦 There wasn’t a good response for it. Sooo we just have super cute hats now. haha
I came to this realization this past week… Sister Martinez and I have been working hard ever since we came to vidor to talk with everyone. Well – in the 300 something people we’ve contacted in the past 2 months, I’ve contacted all of them… -_- she’s so shy. So we’re working on that. We’re trying (I’m trying?) sooo hard to meet new people, but I need my companion to help! Eeish.
One of our less actives, Sister Holland, is officially reactivated. She’s severely allergic to everything on the planet, but she’s finally over her fear and is coming to church again. She has to wear a face mask, and she only stays for sacrament meeting, but: she’s coming! She even has a calling now (: She’s makes the sunday program and is a substitute teacher for primary! YAY! I love her so much. She’s so goofy and is always willing to help us out with things.
We had dinner with a family in our ward who barely speaks English. Well – the husband does okay, but she is kind of hard to understand. We actually have dinner with them every Saturday… The Zambranos. But: we finally struck a cord with her and she is allowing us to come and spend time with her. She has a HUGE garden so we’re going to go help clean up their property, work on the garden, take care of the chickens, and try not to get pecked by their pet geese. They’re so rude. Even she hates them haha. But the ducks and chickens are nice! So we’re supposed to do that tomorrow. I’m excited. She makes the BEST mexican food, so I’ve been wanting to do something nice for her. When she showed us her garden, we just walked around and listened to her talk. She speaks so sweetly and softly. In the back of their property is some benches. She goes out there just to sit and be alone. Her daughter, Lollie, is on a mission in Peru and has only been gone 4 months. I think she’s really struggling with it (the mom, not Lollie). So we just sat there for a few minutes with her in silence and she cried a little :/ She’s so sweet! I wish i could speak Spanish so we could be better friends 😦 I really like her.
On Saturday we went out the the Smith’s property and worked on the garden and lawn again. I think that’s becoming a weekly routine… They treat us like their own kids now! haha we’ve officially been put on the dinner calader for our night to cook. Yep. Their 19 month old, Ruby, calls me ‘Sister’ and follows me around like a puppy. I love her! and i pick on their 14 year old, Jon, like he’s Tom or David (: We have fun. haha Aaron was interviewd yesterday for the priesthood and is getting ordained next week! He’s also getting his limited use temple recommend next sunday as well. We’re trying to go to the Temple on May 30th to do baptisms before all the older kids go to Oregon and Utah to visit family and their Bio-dad for the summer. Sooo we’re on a time crunch! But it will all happen. This family is stinking awesome! 
My roots are almost grown out enough where I can cut my hair short again and be at my natural color! I’m thinking of cutting it like Natalie Portman or Emma Watson. Just in case anyone cares… Ya know (:
Also, just in case anyone cares, on the 17th I started reading D&C one chapter a day. When I finish, that will put me up to October 1st; 2 weeks before I come home! So if anyone wants to read one chapter of D&C with me, you’re welcome to! Today is chapter 3. Bueno? 
Weeeell… I love y’all and miss y’all! Hope you’re doing good. I can’t believe it’s already been a week since mother’s day! Maaan… I miss y’all so much. Thanks for everything! I love you!
— Sister Stockinger

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