Moe’s Letter – May 5, 2014

Yesterday I went to look up and meet a less active… Bernadette. She wasn’t home, so a guy driving past (her son, i think) stopped and hollered at us. I asked, “do you know when she’ll be home?” “Bernadette is a ‘he'”…. awkward. but, that’s the story of my life.

the good news of the week: AARON HAS A TESTIMONY OF JOSEPH SMITH! He’s been holding out on us apparently. He went and had his baptismal interview last night and it was AMAZING according to our district leader, Elder Roundy. So whew! Super happy. Aaron will officially be getting baptized on Saturday, the 10th. He’s free of smoking, free of coffee, and super excited to get the priesthood!
We spent a lot of time helping our ward mission leader this week. he and his wife own a photography studio. They do ALL of the baseball pictures here in Vidor. So… we got to help sort and package THOUSANDS of baseball photos. You think I’m kidding… Nope. it was crazy. We learned how to make plaques, how to mount photos, how to be crazy organized… it was super fun. Baseball is a big deal down here. 
We went to visit one of our investigators, Amanda, on Wednesday. Amanda has not been progressing very well. She used to live in 4th ward boundaries, and the elders were teaching her for about… eh, 4.5 months. Buuut… I don’t know how they did it. In that 4.5 months they taught one lesson. Sooo… it’s a slow teaching processes. We’ve been trying to stick with her but i dont know… it just might not work too well. But we went to see her and she had accidentally SLICED her wrist! She cut a tendon! She was knocking on a window to get her kids attention and tragedy struck. It’s pretty wild looking. So now we’re dealing with that… wee hoo! It’s pretty gnarly looking.
The young women are having a fundraiser and I am soooo excited about it. They are having a Minion Fun Run! You know… the minion’s from despicable me? Well – people are supposed to wear yellow and they all get some flags to wear around their waist. Then the YW are going to wear purple (the crazy minions from #2) and chase after them and try to pull off their tags! So I think there’s prizes for who finishes first and who still has their tags… Something like that. But: sister smith, master crocheter, is making MINION HATS! I’m so excited. She’s making them to sell in benefit of girls camp. So, of course, she gave me the pattern… I’m a little bit excited.
This week was just all too exciting with aaron. That was the main focus of this week, as it will be this coming week… 6 days to baptism! wooo! We’re doing all kinds of activities this week to keep his occupied and feeling the spirit. Sister Smith is OVER THE MOON EXCITED! She almost can’t believe it… Which is how I feel! Aaron has made such leaps and bounds. I am so stinking happy. My heart is going to burst!
Sorry this is a short one, but I have to get going. I miss and love y’all so much! 
— Sister Stockinger

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