Moe’s Letter – A Week of Black People Sass – September 8, 2014

Well I have something so super duper exciting to share! This is the story I saved from last email… Ahhh! Okay –

Mom emailed me a couple weeks ago letting me know that someone read and commented on my blog where she posts all my emails. This girl claimed she had gotten her call to be an Hermana in the mission, but I didn’t recognize the name. I asked the assistants, but they never responded. This cutie pie said the sweetest things, so i took a stab in the dark and emailed what I guessed would be her mission email. Because of the holiday, as all y’all know, i didn’t get to email last monday and transfers happened on tuesday Well, there I was. Sitting in transfer meeting. AND LO AND BEHOLD: an Hermana Rogers was brought into the mission. I gasped! THERE SHE WAS! My little fan (: After the meeting I ran over to her and said, “Did you read my blog?!” then she gasped, became so excited, and started to brim with tears! YES! She had! and she had gotten my email but I hadn’t had a chance to check it yet! So there we were: jumping and hugging.
Isn’t that crazy?! I met her! I’m going to attach a picture. She really is the most darling thing. I feel like she’s my little soul best friend.
But anyways… Let’s see, after I emailed y’all on wednesday… we got to have a lesson with some recent converts who are 12 and 10. They are adorable, Danine and AJ. Then we went to young womens for a bit, then went and had a super late dinner with Magda and Athena. It was delicious.
On Thursday sister long and i set some goals for this transfer. We started praying for a lot of things, one of which was a part member family who was prepared to hear the lessons, come to church, and be baptized. Later that night we prayed with the Powell family for hour of power. We talked to Jackson, who’s 12 or 13, and he said we could come over. When we went, he said, “So you’re going to go to tic toc street?” “Um… no? but should we?” “Oh, i thought you said tic toc street… yeah! my friend lives over there!” so we got a referral and a sweet prayer from jackson. Well, his buddy wasn’t home. But we tracted and met this guy Chris. Chris’s wife used to be a member! He seemed open to hearing more and said we could come back. SAY WHAT?! Part member family?! We’re so excited to keep following up with him and begin teaching them. he seems like a super nice guy.
On friday we had sister hyde out with us. She is such a good member missionary. We were blessed to teach 2 lessons with her. One of the lessons was with our buddy, Ty. He’s this black guy who has a barber shop at his house. Black people from kirbyville, jasper, orange, buna, kountze, lumberton, beaumont, woodville, zavala… all come to have him cut their hair, so there’s always gobs and gobs of people at his house. Well, this time, there were so many it was kind of difficult to teach. So we shared some scriptures, sister hyde testified how much they help her life, and all the guys (about 25) were all giving us their “mmmhm” and “amen!” comments. I was trying so hard not to laugh. It just tickles me when they do that! haha! but so… about 10 of them were actively engaged in the discussion, so when it came time to pray Ty and Dennis (our other buddy who just so happens to always be at Ty’s house) made the other 15 come gather around. One guy was dragging his feet, so Dennis yelled, “BOY! Get over here and get some prayin! I know you need it!” so the guy came over, then smiled kind of obnoxiously (you could tell he was uncomfortable) and said, “Yeah i need some good prayin” so then Dennis smashed into him saying, “Then why you back there draggin yo feet? Dont you know these are GOD’S ANGELS?! Don’t you know that these are GOD’S ministers sent to save your hell condemned soul?” I was stunned. Dennis is so sweet but he was not gonna take any crap from this guy! He continues, “BOY! When you come around here at Ty’s place, and these ladies show up, you do not disrespect. Do you hear me? You do NOT disrespect!… Okay ladies, you go ahead and pray for this boy’s soul”. WABAM! There you go – Dennis is laying it down thick! hahaha I was just smiling so big, sister long looked terrified, and sister hyde was openly laughing. So then we prayed, shook hands with all our new friends who’s souls are on their way to being saved, and went to see miss vicky.
We haven’t had a lesson with Vicky for a couple weeks… She’s been depressed I think. Well sister hyde make her happy! She said all the right things. We were able to talk about the book of mormon and invite her to church. Well… come Sunday morning, Vicky was at church! We had stake conference. Half the stake was at our building cause they broadcasted it from Beaumont. Well… Vicky noticed that she was the only black person there… and we had TONS of wards there! But literally – the only black person in that building. She sat there upset until the meeting started… and what do you see on the screen? a black lady praying! YES! She said, “Well I’ll be darned” except… not darned… and she said it loud! hahaha oops. THEN all through out the meeting she took notes, and when it came time for a closing prayer, another black lady said it. It was awesome! It made her so happy. Whew! I think she’ll definitely come again – and bring all her black friends so she isn’t the only one (so she says…haha!)
All in all we had an excellent week. We were able to get a lot of things done. I just love Sister Long. She is exactly what I needed for my last transfer! We are having so much fun and working so hard to reach our transfer goals. I can just tell she is going to be an amazing STL.
Thanks so much for all the emails, love, and support! I know a lot of you are praying for me and I can literally feel that strength carrying me. I love my mission! I love this work. I know this church is true.
I love y’all and miss y’all,
— Sister Stockinger

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