Moe’s Letter – Heeeey Y’aaaaaal! – August 18, 2014

This week zoomed by! Holy Moly! I’m super excited for this new week though… I have exchanges with the Hermana’s tonight and all day tomorrow, zone conference with President Drake on Wednesday in VIDOR!, and then on the 23rd is Elder Cook! An apostle! Yay!!!! I am super pumped for this week.

So last Monday was a little crazy. We had dinner with a family, the Pynes, who just moved in. They are 100% fun. Brother Pyne is going to be working at Lamar University in Beaumont; he’s a biology professor. It’s his first big time job! We’re all excited for him. He’s super cool! And Sister Pyne is a hoot and half. I love her! She’s so bold. She’s already handing out pass-along cards and going to lessons with the elders. Woot woot!
Monday night we ended up at the hospital. Didi’s fiance came down with some crazy brain infection? Or… as the nurses say… he was going through withdrawals… I don’t know. But a member threw some food together for them and off we went! It was a great lesson. Sister Bourne went with us; she and Didi are good friends now. Except: Didi didn’t talk to us at all this week! She just dropped off the face of the planet. Till yesterday! FINALLY! So we’ll see what happens with her… Yikes.
Another couple also moved into the ward. The Hydes! Brother Hyde is working for the Big Thicket National Forrest Reserve. He must really like camping… and trees… but he just got called into scouting 😛 haha! That’s probably his eternal calling. His wife just sits at this hotel they’re living at until they close on a house. So she’s been coming out with us almost every day! It’s awesome. She has really helped fellowship our slightly nutty investigator, Victoria (Vicky). Vicky did her homework though! She went above and beyond. She read the intro, all the testimonies, and chapter one of the book of mormon. But: she went even further and copied them all down by hand! Just to prove to us she really read it. I was on exchanges in Jasper that day, but apparently she was beaming and super happy she did it. haha! I love this crazy lady.
We got dropped on our bums by an investigator this week. It was Rachel; the girl who’s dad passed away 3 weeks ago. We came by and she just told us she felt an evil spirit while she read the book of mormon. She’s baptist and not looking to convert! Sooo that was fun. There wasn’t really anything we could say. She had her mind made up! Goll darn. I hope future missionaries are able to soften her heart!
On Friday we had a ball helping Sister Bourne. She’s just opened her very own BEAUTY SUPPLY STORE! eeeeek! It’s like heaven! She cuts our hair for free. So the day before the opening we went and helped finish putting price stickers on things, took a final inventory, painted the window with a giant “now open” sign… It was fun. I LOVE Sister Bourne. She’s like the grown up version of me… She loves makeup, she does photography, she used to be a teacher (but i don’t wanna do that. I wanna do something else). She’s wild! I love her.
So my new favorite scriptures are 3 Nephi 17:5-6. I just LOVE these verses! They really hit hard the other day. It has really motivated me to keep building my relationship with Christ. I want Him to know who I am and what I’m thinking without me even saying a word. I want Him to know how to help me personally. But – that’s up to me to come unto him.
So anyways… gotta go! Our time is cut a little short today. So much to do! I miss y’all and love y’all so much. Thanks for everything.
Oh – we won another competition! Elder Case challenged us all to get members out with us, so whoever had the most member presents could PICK THEIR PRIZE! So we won with a pitiful number… 3. Haha! no one else in our district even got 1! So sad. We need members out with us! Yikes. Soooo we have no clue what we want from him. We’ll see… (:
Love y’all!
— Sister Stockinger

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