Moe’s Letter – Hey Y’all! – June 2, 2014

Well… This has been quite the week! We have had RAIN RAIN RAIN! I guess that’s what happens when you’re 20 feet above sea level and just minutes away from the gulf coast. It’s been AWESOME! I don’t know what I’m going to do without my Texas thunder storms.

Anyways. On Sunday the 25th Aaron Smith received the priesthood! I forgot to mention that… I also forgot to mention: they did it wrong! So yesterday he had to be re-ordained right before sacrament meeting so that he could prepare and bless the sacrament. Wow. I don’t think I have ever felt such overwhelming joy! Seeing one of my most FAVORITE people participate in blessing the sacrament; the most sacred ordinance in the church! My heart was going to burst. We had some great testimonies as well. It was a great day! Our bishop’s wife said this, “If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse”. I loved it. I thought it was a great motivator!
We started teaching Aaron’s dad, Rodney! Ahhh! I’m SO HAPPY! He is so prepared. We have taught him the first lesson and he accepted a baptismal invitation. So we are going to be extending a date! He came to church yesterday as well. Aaron was SO NERVOUS for us to start teaching him, that half way through our lesson he had to leave. He had made himself sick with a migraine! He told us that if he happened to be at his dad’s when we came to teach him, then he’d join us… But he wasn’t going to go out of his way to be a part of the teaching process. That made me a little sad 😦 but apparently they haven’t talked religion in over 20 years. So… a little touchy. Rodney is the kindest person though! Seriously – heart of gold. He is what everyone is talking about when they use the term “Southern Hospitality”. I am so excited to keep teaching him!
We are also going to be teaching Keith Hanks, Hillary Hank’s nonmember husband. Oh – hillary is a less active we’ve been working on. I really believe that if we can get Keith on board, Hillary will be solid for the rest of her life. And keith is curious! He’s very curious… Hillary just doesn’t know how to answer all his questions. So that’s where we come in! (: He likes us enough to invite us to go fishing down at rainbow bridge – the 2nd largest bridge in Texas! It passes over a ship channel. It’s pretty cool looking. It’s out of our zone though, so we gotta get permission.
We made slime for our district meeting. It was pretty neat. It uses borax, glue, and water. Pretty awesome!
A young convert in 3rd ward had us over for dinner. Her name is Kaylee Breaux (Bro)… Or, Sister Breaux, which is pretty awesome! We had a birthday party for Elder Brown who’s going home the end of this week 😦 Elder Brown is one of my all time faves. He was in my very first district, when I was born into the mission, and now I have to watch him die! Oh they cycles of life… (: He’s hilarious. He’ll be missed.
About a month ago we met a lady named Kandi during hour of power. We FINALLY got to meet with her and it was awesome. We are seeing her tomorrow! Hoping it will go well (:
On Saturday we helped out at yet another wedding. This makes 3 in 3 months! Pretty crazy… Everyone over here is just getting hitched! Something in the air. Gross. But it was BEAUTIFUL and we had a blast. We helped the caterer who’s in our ward, Brittany Tolman. She and her little family are the bomb. They are WONDERFUL! She can make some GOOD FOOD. So we had a blast pigging out on cheesecake tarts, home made alfreado, and all sorts of other goodies. Mmm…
Since we helped with the wedding, Brittany gave us two large cheesecakes to take to people. So we took one to our gangster investigator Tom, and to a less active named Emily. It was awesome! They were both so surprised (: Tom is about to leave every Monday and Tuesday to go work on a shrimp boat in Louisiana. Emily is hard to catch, but what do ya know! We found her (: So we had some nice visits with the both of them. Tom SHOULD be coming to church next week. Fingers crossed!!!
Today is going to be a lot of fun. We’re getting together as a zone over in Lake Charles, Louisiana! I’m so excited (: I wanna go look at gators!!! The elders see them all the time. Like – 10 foot long at least. Soooo cool!
But anyways… I’ve been reading a lot in Alma. Our mission is reading the Book of Mormon together. But in Alma right now I’m in the midst of the story of him and Amulek. Wow… they inspire me every time. I also realized that this time a year ago, in our last BofM mission reading, this is exactly where I was. President Crawford was writing the most inspiring emails about these to magnificent missionaries. He had me all excited, revved up and ready to go! And it’s still that way. Just thinking about his insights to these chapters gives me goose bumps. I LOVE Alma the Younger. He’s such an incredible example of what I can become, and the type of change that is possible for my investigators to make. Alma 9-14… That’s where I’ve been the past few days. AMAZING. The church is true!
Well I love y’all and miss y’all so much! Thanks for the pictures, emails, and love! I miss y’all. Be good!
— Sister Stockinger

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