Moe’s Letter – Hey Y’all – September 22, 2014

This one is going to be short… We spent Monday and Tuesday going to meetings. EXCEPT: Last Monday we did go fishing. The elders spent some time catching me some tadpoles which turned out to be guppies. *sigh* so I had 3 pet fish this week! But I just released them this morning. For not being fed, only 1 died! (: I felt pretty accomplished. haha I had named them after the elders. They were not amused. (:
Monday night I did get to go to the Smith’s as well! EEEK! I got to say goodbye AGAIN! It was awesome! We had to go to Vidor to pick up a sister for our meeting, so I just snuck on over super fast (: It was awesome.
Tuesday was our leadership training. Learned a ton! Loved it!
Wednesday we cleaned the apartment some more… yikes. I don’t think that place will ever smell good. But that evening we did get to teach our little RC’s, Danein and and AJ. I just love them! Then we got to teach Jonathan after mutual. He’s doing soooo good! He’s telling everyone about his baptism (: He’s very excited.
Thursday we cleaned, yet again. It was so bad… it took more than half the day to clean out the cabinets. Sister Long was a champ and scraped mold out of the cabinet above the stove. It was about 1/4 inch thick, and covered the bottom, sides, and top. *sigh* I said we should just duct tape the thing shut, but she couldn’t knowing it was there haha. I gaged the whole time! As you could imagine, we’ve been a little depressed about where we’re moving to… The elders have such nice apartments! We got the pits. But trying to remain positive, we went to walmart to get a scentsy and some shelf liner. We washed the cabinets out 3 times, but finally had to accept the fact that they’ll always be filthy and sticky. Sooo we decided to cover it… Well, being missionaries, we’re kinda broke. We decided to not buy a scentsy and just the shelf liners. So in near tears, we drove to dinner at the Hewlitts. While we were driving, we just sat in silence. I was praying sooo hard that Heavenly Father would find a way to make things right! We got to the Hewlitt’s house and walked in… IT SMELLED SOOO GOOD! Not of dinner, but of some delicious sugary sweetness. She had a scentsy right next to the door -_- of course. Just rubbing it in our face. THEN her dad called and they talked about scentsy. OF COURSE! Just rub it in goooood. Then, when she got off the phone, she looked at us and said, “Sisters! Do you need a scentsy?” I gasped. She continued, “I used to sell scentsy. Would you like a warmer?” “OH SISTER HEWLITT! YES! PLEASE! YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE WHERE WE MOVED!” So we told her our dramatic traumatizing story. When we finish, she said, “You bought shelf liner? I have some! I could have given it to you!” “…could we still have it?” “Sure!” I literally almost started crying. Heavenly Father even cares about scentsy and shelf liners! Never, in my whole life, have I met someone who uses shelf liners… until now. SUCH AN ANSWER TO OUR PRAYERS!
Well her shelf liner was a smaller roll than ours, so we were afraid that we’d still have to open the one we bought. Heavenly Father is so kind – I am convinced that he made that shelf liner stretch and cover all the shelves in the kitchen and bathroom. There was just no way that liner could have covered everything! But it did. It was a pure miracle!
It was so silly, but I just know that Heavenly Father cares about the small things. I know He hears our prayers and answers them, so long as we are living worthy of it. Everything aligned perfectly… Imagine if we’d had dinner with them next week, or last week! Her dad wouldn’t have called while we were there, we wouldn’t have bought the liner the same day… It was all divine intervention from a LOVING Heavenly Father. It still amazes me.
On Friday we took a break from cleaning and went on exchanges with the Buna sisters.
Saturday we got right back to it… and officially moved in. We got all our stuff out of Ma’s, into the new place, and cleaned Ma’s by 9pm. When we went to say goodnight/goodbye to Ma, I burst into tears. Oh my heck – it was bad. It felt like I was leaving home all over again… Ma Boddie is amazing. She is such an incredible example of what a righteous woman should be! Living with her was a blessing and honor. I love her sooo much! Thank goodness we live half a mile away so we can still drop in whenever(: haha
We’re still getting settled… But we’ll survive. Heavenly Father is giving us such great experiences!
We did get to visit jonathan Sunday night, and he’s doing excellent. We moved his date back though, to Oct. 11th. We don’t want to rush his teaching process and make sure he doesn’t fall behind in school. But he’s going to be great! He even told us last night that they watched the “Called To Serve” movie with David Archuleta in seminary, and he wants to serve a mission now. Awww! ❤ he’s precious.
Thanks so much for all the love and prayers! I love y’all sooo much!
— Sister Stockinger

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