Moe’s Letter – Hey Y’all! – September 3, 2014

Well… It’s Wednesday… This is awkward. Let me explain!
Monday, the libraries were closed so we just had a HUGE bbq with our district at our place with Ma Boddie. It was deeeelicous! We played phase 10. We had way too much fun. Ma is the best! I love her so much.
Tuesday was…. TRANSFERS! AHHHH! Sister Johnson left, as expected. You’ll never believe who my companion is……….. SISTER LONG! haha She is precious. She just got called to be an STL so life just became way easier. Whew! Now when we go on exchanges we’ll finish the zone all at the same time. Companionships only have to plan on one exchange instead of 2 now! Whew! It’s awesome. I love it. She is from Idaho Falls, IDAHO! Say what?! I love having Idaho companions. This is my second one! The first was Sister Allison, who is also from Idaho Falls. We have a ton from that side of the state. IT’S GREAT!
But okay – last week….
We got dropped on our booties by Jimmy. His girlfriend said if he ever went to church his stuff would be waiting on the lawn. So we were all, “go to church! go to church!” but Jimmy is a big moocher. He has no personal income; his girlfriend pays for everything. So he called and dropped us. Ugh.
We’re making progress with 3 less actives. One is the Bohler’s…. Sister Bohler is actually semi-active, it’s her husband who never comes. We call them Grannie and Pops. We LOVE them! Ohhh my heart flutters when I think about them. They’re the ones who we were visiting when Sister Johnson threw up and it echoed through the whole house…. Maybe I didn’t share that story… I can’t remember. But the point is: we love them and Pops is making progress! Woot!
The other 2 less actives are Magda and Athena. They’re quite wayward. But we have a standing appointment with them every week now so it’s GREAT. They have their trials… For example, Athena is currently pregnant out of marriage :/ But they have hearts of gold and are doing so well!
On Thursday…. IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! THE BIG 22! AHHH! We celebrated from sun up to sun down (: Literally. And then a little more! (: It was AWESOME! Probably the best birthday I’ve ever had. It started with Ma making me my favorite breakfast. Which is apparently German Pancakes… She asked and that flew out of my mouth! But: it tasted like home. I haven’t had that in ages! So she made that (and added some cinnamon and nutmeg! mmm), fresh strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate milk, and gluten free waffles for Sister Johnson. All through my studies I just couldn’t stop smiling. I just felt so happy! My joy was overflowing… and all we had was breakfast! But ma also got me some Coke and chocolate (: She knows me well!
Then we had weekly planning, which was good. in the middle of that we took a break to go have lunch with Sister Melanie Bourne. We went down to her brand new beauty supply store and ordered from Boogie and Tootsie’s Deli. Mmm… So I got to spend some time with her, which is ALWAYS a good time.
We went home to finish weekly planning. Then I broke out the Blue Bell Ice Cream I treated myself to for my birthday… I got the new kind, Southern Peach Cobbler. Basically: it’s awesome. I feel so bad for everyone who cant obtain such a heavenly treat! Mmm. Then later that night we went and did the hour of power. We met a lady named Bridget. We are going to be following up with her this week!
For dinner we went to Lacy and Ray Ruggles house. We had the yummiest tacos! They got me a chocolate extreme ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. This family is amazing (: I love them so much! Ray is actually a motorcycle cop in Vidor. We share good stories all the time 😛
We continued to celebrate my birthday on Friday by going to taco bell for district meeting! Woot woot! Haha then finally my tshirt and card came 😛 Whoops. A day late, but it was cool cause that just meant more celebrating! I loved the card and shirt, so thanks to everyone who contributed!
On Friday we took a recent convert, Taylor, out with us. We’d been trying for 3 weeks to coordinate schedules. She did awesome! She is normally very shy… But when we taught a lesson this guy, Ty, she testified without us even prompting her to! She even invited him to come to church (: I was so proud of her! She’s amazing.
Saturday night we got two new investigators, Ricky and Durwin. They seem pretty neat! I’m excited to keep teaching them. We were blessed to answer a question they’ve had for a long time; what happens to little children when they die? We blew their minds with the book of Mormon (: Way to go, Spirit! It was a great lesson.
On Sunday I got to see a family from Summerwood – the Hales! They went camping in Lumberton and came up for sacrament meeting. That was a great little reunion. I LOVE when I run into families from old areas!
But okay – since i’m emailing in the middle of the week I can’t share details yet… But I have THE MOST AMAZING STORY TO SHARE WITH Y’ALL NEXT WEEK! So stay tuned till next Monday! 😛
But any who… Thanks for all the love and emails! I miss everyone soooo much! I am so thankful for my mission and the continues joy I feel every day. I love this incredible work! There’s nothing better than sharing the gospel (:
Miss and love y’all!
— Sister Stockinger

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