Moe’s Letter – Highs and Lows – June 23, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
I just hacked off all my hair again to get it back to my natural… It’s extremely short… I used a picture of emma watson. It’s really short… So short, i don’t think I’m going to send a picture till next week. I need some time to work with it. haha ahhhhhh! #whatwasithinking
This week started off GREAT! I went to the temple on Tuesday. We had the most incredible opportunity to spend time with the temple president. SInce this was President Crawford’s last time going through with everyone, President Crane wanted to make it a special learning experience. Oh wow – i learned a TON. It was so bitter-sweet though. The Crawfords… *sigh*… Oh – I also saw 3 people from my Vidor ward there! I think that was Heavenly Father’s way of comforting me. He always places people from the Humble ward there, but this time it was Vidor. ❤
Wednesday morning we had a few appointments fall through. Since we had some spare time on our hands, we went walking and looking for some less active’s homes. While out on Mormon Church Road (yep. it exists!) this dog started chasing us. It was a scary dog, just an annoying yapper. Well this car came barreling down the street. Thinking perhaps this person may have some level of sanity, they’d swerve and not hit us or the dog. NOPE. They went OUT OF THEIR WAY to swerve into the dog. The sound was awful. It was a huge bang on the bumper, the little guy went spinning, silence for what felt like an eternity, then the poor pup started yelping and dragging his hind legs. I BURST INTO TEARS and ran for the the poor thing. My companion nearly feel on the ground she was so horrified. The dog’s owner, a 10 year old boy, saw it all happen. Ohh my goodness. I couldn’t stop shaking the whole day. The dog, Gizmo, crawled under the car. We looked up at this lady who was the boy’s aunt, for 2 seconds and then the dog was gone. He just disappeared! The lady took it as a good sign; if he can crawl away that quickly he cant be too hurt. I took it as a sign of, “he ran away to his resting place” and couldn’t stop crying. Talk about a great first impression for this lady… We found him under their house (its raised on 2 cinder blocks) but there was no way on earth anyone was going to crawl under there and get him. Ohh lanta – my heart still hurts for him! We’re going to go back and see if they were able to get him to the vet… His hips and legs just HAD to be broken. It still kills me. Gaaah! 😦 I feel so bad because he was coming to bark and run along the road beside us! Ahhh it breaks my heart.
Xavier is doing very well! He’s still on track to be baptized this coming Saturday. I always thought missionaries were nuts when they’d baptize someone in a 2 week period… I just didn’t see how it could happen! Well – here it is! I’m so proud of him. We went over the word of wisdom this week and he said, “Oh no, i don’t have problems with this. As long as I can drink my dr. pepper!” so we laughed and told him that he could. Then he told us how when he was living in Houston, people would try to get him to do drugs all the time. He was all, “No way would I hit that! If it hit that, then my money is going to go into all that. How was i supposed to feed my mom and sisters if i’m hitting drugs all day?” I was so proud of him. He’s only 19 yet he sees the consequences of stuff. He’s just super prepared!
We also started teaching xavier’s cousin, Alex. He’s never had experience with the church before so we have to take things slower. He says he’s going to come to Xavier’s baptism. Poor guy is very stressed out. He’s trying to get his GED and driver’s license right now. He also just found out that his girlfriend is pregnant. Things just aren’t going quite as well for him… But he’s a good kid! well… i think he’s older than me. But he’s trying to do right. the fact that he’s trying to even improve his relationship with Heavenly Father speaks volumes for him. He’s pretty awesome!
Our investigator Kathy is… making excuses… We finally got her to say some stuff that we thought would get her going to church. She was crying and we asked, “Why do you continue to allow us to meet with you?” “Because i want what you have!” but she feels like she just isn’t getting an answer from Heavenly Father. Ugh… she needs to come to church. We were hoping to show her the family history center but that didn’t happen. We’re not giving up though!
On Saturday the Crawfords came and said goodbye to us. It was awful. I couldn’t stop crying. I feel like that’s all I do now! I cry all the time… during lessons, saying goodbye to people, in the shower if I think about people… I just want everyone to live the gospel and be happy! Is that too much to ask? haha But anyways… The crawfords came and gave us hugs. Yep – hugging president crawford. That was a little weird. haha. He is just the best mentor I think I’ve ever had. He emulates Christ better than I thought humanly possible! Imagine spending time with the prophet… My heart aches for them! I miss them sooo much already! They are slipping out of the mission on Saturday. During our interviews last transfer, we wrote postcards to the Drakes. Sister Crawford told us that Sister Drake called her crying and just thanked her and thanked her. can you imagine getting 200 post cards from the missionaries you’re going to be watching over? That’d be crazy. But oh boy… I miss President and Sister Crawford sooo much! I just can’t believe I won’t be seeing them anymore. ugh.
Other than all of that, I suppose I’m surviving… I called and talked to sister allison and sister martinez last night. Tom is doing good, but i don’t know that i’ll be able to go see him get baptized :/ I miss him and the ward so much! Maaan…
Well, i love y’all so much! Thanks for everything y’all do for me! On my bad days I just pray for strength; that if no one in Texas wants to listen to me, that my family and friends at home will be inspired to do some missionary work and have success. So don’t waste my prayers! 😛 I love you all soooo much!
— Sister Stockinger

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