Moe’s Letter – Holy Moly IT’S HOT! – July 14, 2014

Y’all, if I never worked out a day in my life, I may get fit just by sweating 24/7. We don’t have the world’s greatest A/C where we live… All things shall be for my experience…

So this week we kind of bombed. This was probably the hardest week I’ve had in Silsbee (in missionary work terms…). It’s like the work has come to a dead halt. We’ve had to drop some investigators, been dropped BY our investigators, no one wants to listen to us, no one opens the door… I had a sister training leader with me here on Wednesday. We knocked on SO MANY DOORS trying to get in contact with people (investigators, less actives, active members…) and NO ONE opened the door. Finally, after a good 4 hours of this, I looked at her and she looked at me. She said, “Can we please just go to sonic? It’s happy hour.” So we called it quits for 45 minutes and just sat at sonic inhaling ice cream. *sigh* yeah… it’s been one of those weeks.
We did find a new investigator. We had met her during the hour of power a couple weeks ago. She’s raising her two grandkids cause her daughter over dosed on prescription drugs. Her name is Zinada. We taught her the whole restoration lesson. She was nodding her head, saying “oh yes ma’am” all through out it… Finally, after I shared Joseph Smith History with her, she says, “Oh yes ma’am! This is everything I’ve been taught my whole life!” Uh? What? Yeah… This lady just kind of accepts everything at face value. We couldn’t commit her to pray about things because she “prays every day”… Haha this will be a slower teaching process. But at least she let us in!
We have a recent convert who was baptized in February. She scares the heck outta me. She’s very aggressive and hyper all at the same time… She used to be a prison guard. Sooo we sat down with her and visited for a bit this week. She has almost every church manual the church has ever produced. And she knows that half of them aren’t even taught out of anymore! But she likes them. She feels like she has so much to catch up on. It’s just her and her dog… We’ll just let her read! haha
We have an 18 year old recent convert here, Taylor. We’re going through the book of mormon with her. She’s in the middle of 2nd Nephi and doesn’t understand anything. I feel bad cause… I barely catch some of those chapters and now we have to explain them to her/admit we don’t even know what’s going on. But I think it makes her feel better cause then she’s not the only one. haha Sooo this is fun!
I’m so sorry this is such a short email. We have so much to do today that I am just kind of breezing through the week… Thanks for all the emails! I do miss and love y’all so very much.
I love y’all and appreciate everything y’all do!
—Sister Stockinger

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