Moe’s Letter – Let The Crying Begin – June 9, 2014

Well y’all, I’m leaving Vidor! 😥 I have cried and cried since Saturday night. This is SO not okay with me. I love this area! Baaaah!!!! I only got 3 months!!! 😦

Yesterday was actually a really fantastic day. Our gangster investigator, Thomas, came to church! Annnd…. HE LOVED IT! The ward received him very well. he apparently announced in priesthood that he will definitely be coming back. He also made a lot of comments and used words like “lineage” so… He’s a pretty sharp guy (: Sharper than people were expecting. I love him SO MUCH. I told him he has to get baptized in July so I can come back and see him. He kind of laughed at me, but I think he’s actually considering it! (: He has come so far in the past 2 months – giving up drugs, not stealing, not drinking, cutting ties with shady characters… I am SO proud of him. Not to mention the amazing prayers that he says! Ohh man… My heart hurts to leave him, but I am so excited for him to keep moving forward.
Once people found out i was getting transferred they all started inviting us over for every meal! I just ate the best waffles with peanut butter syrup i’ve ever had. Mmm! That was from the Tolman family. They also gave me a bunch of skirts (packing is already a struggle!) but Brittany is so stylish I couldn’t say no. (: I LOVE this family!!! Boooo…
Aaron blessed the sacrament again yesterday. He did AMAZING, as usual. I am so proud of him and how far he’s come. he has integrated into the ward so well. Everyone loves him; they all talk about him. I am so thankful that they have taken him under their wing and made him “part of the family”. He really needed that. I can’t even THINK about saying goodbye to him and Samantha. 😦 I lose it every time.
Going to lake charles last week was SO MUCH FUN! I got to go for pday and then for exchanges. Pday was great. We played a ton of ultimate frisbee and dodge ball. I was sooo sore for 3 days I almost couldn’t walk. It was a serious struggle. My hammies are still tight! Sooo out of shape… 😦 but  We didn’t end up going to look for gators, so no pictures 😦 but i love that area! Louisiana and Texas are AWESOME!
We have 19 days before the crawfords leave 😦 Eeish… I’m getting nervous for president drake. I’m sure he’ll be wonderful, but that initial goodbye to the crawfords is going to be terrible.
Rodney is doing well… We challenged him to read Alma 32 and experiment upon the word. He has such nondenominational views… He says that every church thinks it’s the true church, so he isn’t surprised when we claim it. ha! so that’s what we’re trying to work through right now. I mean.. he’s pastored seven churches over his life, so… we gotta give him some time. He has such a heart of gold though. I’m going to miss him so much!!!
Saying goodbye to all the members is not what i’m looking forward to, but I’ll try to send some pictures. Eeish. I cried during all of church yesterday. It was miserable. I just love Vidor so much! From the very first day I got here I felt like I’d been here before. Finding people’s homes was easy; like I already knew them or something! My heart is soooo attached. I will definitely be coming back to Vidor someday! I guess that’s why we all call it the “Vidor vortex”
My trainer, Sister Haller, goes home this week! As much as I hated her stinking guts, I’m SO THANKFUL that over the course of my mission I’ve been able to see how well I was trained. When we’re in meetings talking about weekly planning and how it needs to be more thoughtful and detailed, I’m able to say, “Uh, this is the way I’ve done it my whole mission… It’s how I was trained…” and the assistants are stunned! haha. I didn’t realize how much I learned from her, but I am forever thankful for her! I love her to pieces and am going to miss her. We chit chat periodically… I mean, don’t get me wrong. She was CRAZY when we were together, and she still kind of is, but I can see the method to her madness (: haha.
There are a TON of incredible missionaries going home. I think there are more missionaries going home this transfer, that i’ve looked up to, than in the past. I mean, i’ll never be okay with Sister Tuigamala and Elder Viitanen going home, but these missionaries leaving are just as amazing. It’s going to be a loooong sad transfer meeting…
Well, i love y’all and miss y’all! Sorry this was such a bummer email. I hope y’all are loving the missionaries in your wards at home because we certainly get attached where we serve! 😦 I can’t believe I only have 3 transfers left (including the one I’ve just started today!). Elder Aaron is worried about being out for 5 months? Sheesh. I have less time than that left!!!! Soooo crazy. But I do love and miss you. Thanks for everything! I’ll get y’all my  new address next week!
— Sister Stockinger

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