Moe’s Letter – Let’s See here… – September 29, 2014

Well, someone called bishop and complained that we have a nasty apartment. He finally got it taken care of… We moved! Again! *sigh* right next door… It sounds crazy, but this one is waaaay nice. It’s been recently renovated and updated. We were all, “What the heck? Why didn’t they give us this one to start with?” Well – it’s a 2 bedroom. So the mission probably only looked for 1 bedroom… But now we have a study room instead of putting our desks in the living room! It’s great. It’s mold free! It smells good! We’re pretty happy. We’re almost 100% settled in… Just on time for me to pack again… *sigh*
On Tuesday we had exchanges with the Woodville Sisters. Sister Crump came to Silsbee with me. It was great! We got a lot done. We had the most insane bipolar lesson ever with Vicky though. We kept trying to help her recognize authority. Finally, I told her she needed to kneel down right then and pray to know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet, if the priesthood was on the earth, if the book of Mormon was true, and if God would be upset with her for being baptized twice. Being baptized twice was suddenly her biggest concern. So she did… We all kneeled down, she said her prayer, and before we could get up she said, “What a minute! Wait a minute! Don’t move… I feel it… I can feel it…. YEP. I’VE DONE GONE AND GOT MY ANSWER!” “Oh really?” “YEP! The spirit gone done and told me that I need to be baptized. I guess I’m gonna have to.” I died laughing. This lady is so stinking funny. “Really!? That quick?” “Yep – I can’t deny it. I’m gonna have to. The holy spirit has done gone and told me to!” “Well okay! How about October 11th?” “YEP! That’s the date it told me. Mmmhm…”
Well – Vicky didn’t come to the relief society broadcast or church this Sunday, so we don’t think the 11th is gonna happen… Goll dang it! The Spirit had gone done and told her! That crazy woman…
Jonathan is doing extremely well. He has been inviting EVERYONE to his baptism. He is so excited. He’s doing good reading the book of Mormon. He’s loving it! Each lesson we have, you can just see him grow and light up more and more. This poor boy… His life has been so hard. But the gospel is awakening good things inside him! I am so thrilled to be a part of his teaching process. He’s definitely going to be ready for the 11th!
On Wednesday we went to YM/YW to help out with their activity… We were judges for their “Shining Idol” contest. They had to lip sync and dance to songs. They broke into 3 groups… It was HILARIOUS! But super weird cause… it wasn’t hymns… I just thought, “This is what people listen to now?… What in the world…” but oh well. We had a great time with the youth! The elders were there too. We did team judging. It was sooo much fun.
On Friday we got permission to go to the Silsbee High School homecoming football game! I hadn’t been to a game since 2011… It felt so weird. But: it was amazing. We were supposed to go and meet up with Jonathan. Well – he totally didn’t meet where we were supposed to. So there we were… at a game… with a bunch of ghetto black people and crazy hicks. We were trying to figure out how to be purpose driven without getting kicked out or giving the church a bad name. As we were walking around, some members stopped us and said they wanted to introduce us to some of their friends! They met them at the games; they sit in the same spot each week. They’ve been trying to figure out how to introduce us, except the only times they ever see these people is at football games. Then lo and behold: there we were. They were thrilled – and the people we met were super nice! The members just went on and on at how happy they were that we came to support the town and put ourselves in a place where everyone could see us. They said, “Y’all need the publicity, and in Texas, there’s no where better!” So heavenly father answered our prayer. We were able to visit with these people, watch a little football, and put the missionary spirit out there! Some of the youth even introduced us to their friends. We just didn’t get to have lengthy conversations with them… It really impressed me though. I don’t think I would have ever introduced my friends to the missionaries at a football game. I would have been too embarrassed or worried about seeming weird. But the youth here have grown to love us, and we love them, so they are starting to share their friends with us!
On Saturday we went to the homecoming parade. It was cute. Almost all of the youth were in the parade. They were so cute! They were all excited to see us sitting there.
We went to visit Magda and Athena; our less active mother-daughter duo. Well – now it’s the less active mother-daughter-granddaughter trio. Athena just gave birth to her baby girl; Zoey Adele. She’s adorable! It was so tempting to hold her, but we resisted.
The broadcast that night was AMAZING! I learned so much. I loved how they talked about how the home is the first taste of the temple your family receives – IF you do what is right… There were a lot of lovely things said. Too much to type though!
The church is true, missionary life is the best, Silsbee is great, I LOVE TEXAS!
Love y’all! Thanks for everything!
— Sister Stockinger

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