Moe’s Letter – May 26, 2014

Hey y’all! This has been a pretty interesting week. Things have been a bit slow, trying to get more investigators and what not.

Aaron’s dad, Rodney Smith, is soooo nice! There’s a member here, brother wright, who owns a bbq place. It is SO GOOD! He lets us eat half off. But: Rodney is a frequent customer… about 3-5 times a week. So when he found out we eat half off there, he opened an account for us! He says we can eat there whenever we want and he’ll just pay the tab (: The elders are so jealous. haha We invited him to church but he said, “Oh, I think i’m going to stop in at my church and let them know I’m still alive”… Dang. Still a work in progress!
On tuesday we helped a member make some ninja turtle shells! It was so awesome. her little boy, Mavrick, turned 4. He’s so stinking cute. but we had a lot of fun!
My shoulder has been acting up a little bit. I’ve been trying to take it easy but there’s soooo many knots in it. So: we have a chiropractor in our ward. He’s being nice enough to give me free adjustments and use these fancy metal tools to rub out the knots. He rubs my muscles till they start to pin point bruise, then he stops. I’m soooo sore for about 3 or 4 days, then we start it again 6 or 7 days after. So, it’s a process. We’ve only done the bruising once, but it’s already helped loosen up my neck and trapz a ton!
We’ve been working with a less active, Hillary, ever since I came here. She’s soooo close to coming back to church. When I first came to Vidor I thought she’d never come back. Well, she hasn’t. But we’ve had such amazing discussions with her lately that I KNOW she’ll be back soon! Plus she asked us to send her a text one Sunday morning to get her up and moving. Stupid Satan – her 1 year old was up all night throwing up so she was too tired to come! At least we know we’re getting close!
Our gangster investigator, Thomas, FINALLY read the pamphlet! He’s actually making some progress! He’s starting to see that when he prays and reads things, he gets blessings! Things are really starting to look up for him. I forgot to bring my camera in with me… but I have a picture of him! He’s so great.
On Wednesday we had our last zone conference with President and Sister Crawford. I basically cried the whole time. I don’t know what came over me! I just love them so much. I have learned so much from President Crawford… he’s such an inspirational leader. Oh gosh, just typing this I’m tearing up! They told us on June 28th (which is in the middle of a transfer) President and Sister Drake will be arriving. As soon as President Crawford sees President Drake, he takes his name tag off. Ah dang, now I’m crying… They said that before the 28th they will be coming to find each of us and have one last individual talk. It’s killing me! I don’t want them to go… They had us all write a postcard to President and Sister Drake to tell them how excited we are for them to come -_- Uh, what if we’re not excited? Jk. I wrote them a nice note anyways… So yeah, that was a sad day. We had a musical number before our testimony meeting. 3 elders sang, “Savior, Redeemer” which is president’s FAVORITE hymn. He cries every time. Well, he LOST IT when they sang. He almost couldn’t control himself! Sister Crawford cried and cried. Then, when the 3 finished singing, we all stood and sang “God Be With You Till We Meet Again”. Then all us missionaries were REALLY crying. When we finished, president said, “Thank you so much… You are all bad, bad missionaries” haha! He loves us. We love him. He’s the best there ever was!
Vidor when on a “Boil Water Only” watch this week. Um, do you know how depressing Sonic is when you can’t order a slushie? So when we asked what there was to drink she said, “Sweet tea, unsweet tea, green tea, diet green tea, sweet green tea” “Is that everything?!” “Well, we have milk, chocolate milk, and orange juice?” “Ahh that’s more like it”… Yep. We were plum outta luck! The ban was lifted though. Whew!
On Saturday I push mowed about an acre of land at the Smiths. Yaaaay! That’s when I do almost every Saturday now… Because I don’t like to weed their giant garden… (: haha
Saturday night we helped at a wedding reception for someone we didn’t even know. They used to live in the ward but moved to houston a few months ago, so now the daughter is married and wanted her reception in Vidor. It was GORGEOUS. It was basically my dream wedding. Not that I think about that or anything………… it was all this gorgeous vintage lace, wood, wild flowers… This girl was living my dream. GEEZE! They were an adorable couple. I wish I had a picture of everything!
We haven’t really had people signing up to feed us since summer is almost here… Everyone has been crazy busy and trying to get out of town. So we’ve basically been cleaning out the Smith’s fridge and our R.S. President’s fridge. They’re both awesome families. They treat us like their own kids! So we’ve had a good time this week spending time with them.
Oh! Saturday morning we had studies with President Harris. This man is seriously the smartest person I’ve ever met in my whole life. I’m surprised he isn’t a general authority! I’m sure once all his kids are grown he’ll be one. NO DOUBT! But we talked about the spirit world, the holy ghost, and the blessings of being born in the covenant… He always asks, “Do you have any questions?” and normally we’re so excited to listen to him we just let him get on with whatever topic he feels like talking about! But everything we talked about this time came from us. It was so cool! One elder, Elder Supplee, has heard about these President Harris discussions ever since he came into the mission. So, dreaming that one day he’d come to Vidor and get to meet President Harris, he’s been writing down every question he can’t find an answer to and putting them in the little jar. Whoa. That thing is cram packed! He’s quite the deep thinker. So he had 3 questions about the Spirit he wanted answered. it was AWESOME.
So anyways. Just getting back to the grind. So many people to meet and teach! I miss and love y’all so very much! Thanks for everything!
— Sister Stockinger

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