Moe’s Letter – Red, White, and Blue – June 30, 2014

I LOVE being in Texas and seeing all the 4th of July decorations pop up! AHH! They look so good! I love Texas waaay too much (:

I finally remembered to bring my paper with all my favorite Vidor ward member’s emails on it… So hello to them! Miss them all! (:
This week was fantastic. Xavier was baptized and confirmed! I still cannot believe that we only met him 2 weeks ago… Wow – he was just sooo prepared. He’s so special. We asked the elders for a bunch of ties so we could give them to him at his baptism. Wow – he cleaned up so well! He normally wore a white shirt, untucked, black jeans and black basketball shoes. Someone had gifted him a suit and some SHINEY dress shoes! He walked in singing “Suit and tie” by Justin Timberlake. haha! he is hilarious. I am so stinking proud of him. Just seeing him in a suit, shirt tucked in, tie on… He looked so grown up and glowing (:
Sister Johnson and I had to speak in sacrament meeting. I always get so emotional at confirmations so I was tearing up on the stand. Then I had to speak after these two young women sang “come unto Christ” which always makes me cry. Maaaan… So i started my talk kind of shaky. We both had to talk on Charity. I really struggled with the topic, just because I feel like there’s only so much you can say on the subject… Uh, it’s the pure love of christ? Uh… now what? But as soon as I started speaking the words just flowed. The Spirit really helped me out and took over. We had a member of the stake presidency visiting and after the meeting he jumped across the stand to shake my hand. He kept staying my name over and over, saying he had to remember it because he knew he’d hear it again someday. I gave him a puzzled look, cause uh… that was weird? But he told me that was the best discourse he’d ever heard on the subject of Charity. Then I was just STUNNED! I am so thankful that the Lord promises us that if we put in our efforts and study then the Spirit will always give us the words we need to say, when we need to say them, because someone will need to hear them at that moment. Whew!
We’ve been trying to meet with some less actives this week. It has been so odd… We talked to so many people who read from the book of mormon EVERY DAY but just don’t come to church! I’m talking about people who have these burning testimonies of the gospel! But they feel that because they have such a strong testimony they don’t need to come to church. They think they have it all down pat. My goodness… I don’t know that I’d ever feel comfortable saying, “Oh, I know the gospel well enough.” Or, “I understand the scriptures well enough”. Uh… No thanks! I don’t know that I’ll ever reach that point. So it’s going to be super fun working with these people (:
We started teaching Xavier’s dad this week. We had a pretty good discussion with him, but i’m not sure how it’s going to go… I don’t think he’s ready to make us a priority. He missed Xavier’s baptism! It made me so sad… He’s missed EVERYTHING in Xavier’s life. Xavier moved out here to try and build a relationship with him, but it’s not going very well. his dad just doesn’t have an interest… Thankfully Xavier’s uncle and cousin came. Then they both came to church the next day, but his uncle only stayed for sacrament meeting. Still – Xavier is setting the most fantastic example for his family! I am so proud of him.
President and Sister Crawford are officially moved out and gone. They should have reported on their mission to the high council in Louisiana, and now they should be on their way home to Utah. Maaan… It still makes my heart hurt. But we will be meeting President and Sister Drake this coming Thursday! We’re going to have an open Q&A with them. We’re supposed to come with questions ready… Uh, what’s your favorite color? Uh… I have no idea. Even though i am NOT happy the Crawfords are gone, I just have this feeling that as soon as I see the Drakes walk in that there will be such a powerful spirit. I don’t know why, but I just feel like the mantle that has been placed on him is going to be so fresh that I’ll be able to feel his spirit, power, and love. So I’m becoming more excited to meet him. I’m sure he’s going to be great!
I just hope y’all know that the church is true. If you’ve forgotten, get down on your knees! I just know without a doubt that this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands here in southeast Texas! Opening my heart to Silsbee has been… difficult… but I am thankful for the blessings and experiences the Lord is giving me. Time is short, but there is still JOY in this journey!
I miss y’all and love y’all so much. Thanks for everything!
— Sister Stockinger

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