Moe’s Letter – The Church is True! – July 7, 2014

We just finished week 4 of the transfer! whoooa… It’s kinda crazy that I only have 3.5 months left. Holy cow! Gotta live it up!

Xavier got interviewed by the Bishop yesterday to receive the Priesthood next week. Weehoo! I’m excited for him. I’m not entirely sure he understands what a big deal this is, but he seems excited. He’s going to get to help prepare the sacrament in 2 weeks, then pass the next, then bless on the third. He seemed in awe that he would get to do all that.
We have this millionaire “investigator” we drop in on that the sisters before us left. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned her… Her name is Charlene Dauphine. She just bought a furnished a beach house, got a gold golf cart for it… She’s 84 and 100% hilarious. Seriously – a hoot and half! She says she’s gonna find me a boyfriend! Oh wow, she is bound and determined to! One that I can just look at for right now, then go on dates with when I’m done. She says not to worry about being from Idaho – he’ll have a private plane to come fly up and visit me. *sigh* sounds pretty good to me! haha seriously – she’s nuts. But i have a good time trying to get her to read and pray. She says that’s what the beach house will be for. haha! We’ll see.
Good news – our investigator Rhonda can read! Kind of… but for the first time ever, she read a verse. I was shocked. We always go around in a circle taking turns, but she always passes. But this time… She read one! I think she just had to get up the courage. We’re 4 weeks in since knowing her, so hopefully in another 4 weeks she’ll be ready to be baptized! You never know. We were shooting for July 19th but she’s a little stubborn when it comes to attending church.
When we first got to Silsbee we went to check on a less active who the Buna sisters found on their records. Weird. So we went to find her annnd she was rude. So we hadn’t gone back for a few weeks… Well – we were running out of stuff to do on Tuesday; everything fell through. So we just decided to go check on her. Her husband (who is seriously ancient!) was there. “Oh, Helen isn’t home” “Where’s she at?” “The hospital?” “Uh…” Turns out she was missing SEVEN PINTS OF BLOOD! The fact she was living and breathing, let alone walking and moving around, was a miracle. So the doctors are on the hunt to see where this blood went missing. She’s been having a difficult time breathing, thought it was cause she’s a bit over weight, but nope… They did standard blood work and called her to get back to the ER. So while we were visiting with her husband, she came home. The transfusion unit closes (which doesn’t make sense to me) so she had to come home then go back in the morning. So we were able to visit with them, share some scriptures, and then offered to send the Elders in Beaumont to her hospital room to give her a blessing in the morning. She teared up and said she would greatly appreciate it. *side note* you know, once you know the church is true, you can deny it for all it’s worth (never go to church, never read, never pray…) but as soon as a restored truth like the priesthood is brought up, people FEEL the spirit and it starts to work within them. In the 60 something years these two have been married she has NEVER attended church. He didn’t even know she was a member for the longest time! And yet: she knew she needed a priesthood blessing. Blows my mind! *back to the story* the elders went and gave her a blessing but that’s the only thing I know now. We are going to go check on her soon, but we didn’t want to be in the way.
On Thursday we had our first hour of power without the Crawfords. That was weird… but oh well! We were blessed to pray with a member, Lacy Ruggles. She said, “I hope this goes well! The last time we did this the elders found someone!” Well she said the most incredible prayer, not just praying for us, but praying for herself to be a better member missionary. It was so sweet and sincere. Well, we found someone! On the last house (: Her name is Shirley, her mom died 3 months ago and she’s not doing well with it. She used to call her every day at the same time, so now that habit is eating her up. Poor thing! We have no idea how old she is; she’s black and aged fantastically. But we committed her to read and pray about the book of mormon. She was so sweet! Lacy was THRILLED when we told her. It was an excellent faith building night for all of us.
Oh – Thursday morning we met the Drakes. They seem sweet… Not really much else to say. Sister Drake couldn’t stop crying. haha. We did a small Q&A and someone asked them if they were “health nuts” we all giggled cause the Crawfords were always preaching good eating at us. They looked at each other, then she said, “Well… Health is important…” and he said “Have you seen my shape?” we all just kinda hung there with our mouths open. haha! This is going to be so weird… but despite the newness of the situation, you can tell they just radiate with the spirit and have so much love for this work! I’m excited to work with them.
The fourth of July was a major let down. I only saw one firework! What the heck, Texas?! And we didn’t even have bbq that day… we had taco salad for dinner. *sigh* I guess the church is still true (: haha
All in all, the week was great. Highs and lows, lots of sun… Got my package from mom! That was awesome. I loooove her granola! Mmm… Can’t wait to hear from y’all!
I love this gospel so much. I just know the church is true. Do all that you can to defend it! Doubt not, fear not.
mucho grande love,
—Sister Stockinger

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