Moe’s Letter – Week 1 – July 21, 2014

Well kids, here I am… Staying in Silsbee with Sister Johnson! We’re trying to set some good goals to kick the new transfer off right. Just so everyone knows: this is transfer 12/13… Si. Si. Time is FLYING! I can’t believe it.

Well… This is probably going to be the grossest email ever. But it’s all I have to tell y’all. *sigh*
Last Monday I had to go to Orange to have an ingrown toenail removed… *gag*… It was the most traumatizing experience of my whole life! When they put me in the room and I waited for the doctor I suddenly became insanely nervous. When he walked in I started laughing AND COULDN’T STOP! I was soooo nervous! The first thing I said? “Haha, Hi, I’m scared of you” Yes – a great opening line. “Me? Why?” “Yes. Are you going to put needles in my foot?” “I dont know. Let’s see…. Yep. I am.” *burst out laughing* I DONT KNOW WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME!!! To make it worse he had this girl there following him around to be trained as a medical assistant. she was trying so hard to remain professional and not laugh at me… but she couldn’t hold it in a couple times. So embarrassing. So he stuck 5 needles in my toe to numb it up and I couldn’t stop laughing/screaming. Sister Johnson held my hand. Then  he left me alone for 20 minutes to let it take effect. That was the loooooongest 20 minutes of my whole life. He came back, yanked it out, I nearly threw up, and then it was done. He gave me a prescription for pain meds and sent me on my way. Thankfully the lady who does the billing is LDS and in the Orange Ward so she didn’t charge me (:
Well THEN we went to Vidor to stop in at T and T pharmacy because the guy is LDS and gives us free drugs. *sigh* Vidor… I cried when we took the FM 105 exit. When I hobbled into the pharmacy Brother Torres looked up from behind the counter and said, “Hey pretty girl! We’ve missed you! Welcome home! Grab a drink and I’ll get your drugs” and just smiled and smiled while he filled it for me. I just stood there, sipping my coke and trying not to cry, then he gave me a Texas key chain and off we went. Maaan… I miss that place. It is NOT good to go back to your favorite area and not get to talk to everyone.
Well the numbing stuff in my toe lasted for 8 hours so i didn’t have to take any of my crazy narcotic. Well i couldn’t find anywhere on the stupid bottle how much pain stuff I was allowed to take. So I had to call Dr. Quirante from Vidor *sigh* He said, “Oh Sister Stockinger! We miss you so much! How are you!? Where are you!? When are you coming back?! … YOU WERE IN VIDOR?! You didn’t come say hi?? Oh Sister Stockinger, we love you and miss you” So there I was, in walmart (we were getting bandages and stuff) and i was just crying and crying. Then he said, “Sister Stockinger, this procedure is very painful. It’s actually quite barbaric.” Then told me how often to take the drugs and some ibuprofen. Off we went.
We had dinner with a family, the Bebee’s. They are awesome. Their son Brad comes home in a week from the Pocatello, ID mission! I’ll be excited to talk to him. Don’t worry – he’s not attractive.
Then we went home… and I had to take my drugs. They KNOCKED ME OUT. I was in a coma for about 2 days. Sister johnson would wake me up to take my meds and eat a little food. Then, by the third day, I had to start getting off the drugs. From late Tuesday night to the rest of the week I couldn’t stop throwing up. I’d drink water, gag, and throw up. It was AWFUL. So… we didn’t leave the house this week. I mustered up some kindness and went to our district meeting and lunch. Then I came home and threw up and died. Some elders had come and given me a blessing; i vaguely remember it. Apparently I was very animated and said whatever was on my mind. *sigh*… At one point during my craziness, I said to sister johnson, “Is my face swollen?” cause it felt weird! “Uh, no?” So i went in the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and cried because it’s just fat. The elders and sister johnson were like, uhh whaaat? Yeah. I hit a low this week… haha
Yesterday we were able to be out for a little bit and managed to teach 2 lessons. So that was good!
But while I’ve been dying, what I have done this week is… Lay on the couch, sleep, and listen to Hank Smith talks and John Bytheway. Family and friends: I LOVE HANK SMITH. He has the BEST talks and is hilarious! One of my favorite talks by him is called “Break up with the world”. It’s awesome. Everyone needs to listen to him! I learned so much.
For example: Hank Smith is a seminary teacher. He does this thing with his students where he gives them a scripture and tells them to READ it, FIND a principle, and USE it. He calls it, “Read it, find it, use it”. Yes – very clever. He shares some stories of how it works. One day he gave kids the verse in 1 nephi when he is bound and he prays the Lord to give him strength to burst the bands and show the mighty power of the Lord. The lord heard his prayer, the bands were loosed, and Nephi was able to keep working on his brothers. Well, this young girl in his class said, “I found a principle!” and he said, “Okay, let’s here it”. “Sometimes our prayers are not always answered the way we want them to” “What do you mean? He did get his prayer answered…” “No he didn’t. He prayed that his bands would BURST! But they were loosed.” Then Hank Smith realized she was right! Nephi wanted those ropes to go flying, smacking people in the face! But instead, they were just loosed. Ahh man! Then Hank Smith said, “How will you use it?” “My parents are getting a divorce. I can still pray, heavenly father will answer them, but maybe now how I want Him to” Hank Smith went on to explain that now this girl will never see the scriptures the same. She’ll be able to find things that are directly applicable to her life, use it, and find strength to endure. Already this idea is changing my scripture study. It’s so simple! I love it.
Another example of this idea of ‘read it, find it, use it’ was when in 2 Nephi, Nephi builds a temple. It’s 2 Nephi 5:16. Hank Smith talks about how he always just skipped over this verse. Why is it here? It seems so insignificant. Even as a seminary teacher – he just didn’t like this verse! All it said to him was “Nephi built a temple. It was like Solomons, but it wasn’t, but it was. And we liked it”. Um, okay? So what? Well a boy came to him one day and said, “Brother Smith, this is my favorite scripture” “What?!!?? Why??!!” “Because it says that I can do the best with what I have. I don’t have to compare myself to others because it seems like they have nicer things. I can be happy with what I have!” Hank Smith said he just stared at him, stunned. And I do have to agree; I never would have seen that in that verse.
So, basically, I love this idea. I love finding new ways to dive into my scriptures. I just loooove the book of mormon! it’s so amazing.
But I’m sorry, i have to cut this off short. I miss y’all and love y’all so much!
— Sister Stockinger

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