Moe’s Letter – Well, This Is Life… – June 16, 2014

Well I’m a crappy daughter… For all the things I failed to send stuff home for: Happy Birthday Thomas! Happy Birthday Mom! Happy Father’s Day Dad! (: Sorry that box I sent home was just stuff I needed to get off my hands! The address on the box was the mission office, not an old area… (: Lo Ciento! Love y’all!

Well, I’m in Silsbee! About 22 miles north of Vidor… Yep. They are teasing me. I cried and cried all of transfer meeting… cried myself to sleep a couple times… cried in the shower a couple times… I think I’m done now. I’m just not over leaving Vidor yet. I’m having a little bit of a difficult time loving Silsbee, but I figure I’m supposed to be here so I just need to get over myself and love the work! The ward boundaries are HUGE. We have 3 sets of missionaries in it. 2 sets of elders and then us… The elders are great. I’ve served around a couple of them before, and came out with one, so I’m super excited. This is going to be fuuuun!

Despite my unhappiness of leaving Vidor, the Lord is blessing me and my companion! Her name is Sister Shelby Johnson. She wants to be a circus performer someday, if that gives you any idea what kind of companion I’m now living with… Eeish… Anyways. We were blessed to find 5 new investigators this week! Weeehoo! One of them very well could be one of my top 3 favorites. His story is:
His name is Xavier. He just moved here about a week ago or so from Houston. He’s here with his dad and grandpa, trying to help them out. He’s only 19 but thinks and works hard like he’s in his 30’s. He was meeting with missionaries in Houston but was working two jobs so it was getting difficult. However: his sisters were baptized! Xavier saw the change that was taking place in them, loved their baptism, and new he wanted that in his life. So when he would get home from work at 2:30am, he’d stay awake another 15-30 minutes reading The Book of Mormon – even though he was unable to meet with missionaries! So now, here he is in Silsbee. We went looking for his dad, a former investigator, and found him! His eyes lit up when he came out of the trailer. He told us his story, then said, “I was really hoping to be baptized like my sisters. I love the book of mormon. And that guy! The one who saw the pillar of light… Now I’m afraid I’ll never get that chance since I moved!” *stunned* He goes on, “The missionaries in Houston were great. They came so far out of their way once a week when I had time. It made me feel so special.” *is this real life?!* “Hey Xavier? We represent the same church your sisters were baptized in. Could we visit you 2 or 3 times a week? Would you still like to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?” *his eyes get big* “REALLY!? You will come teach me that often!?! Yes! Yes! I want to be baptized!” I was laughing and nearly crying out of pure joy from his excitement. We met with him the next day, Saturday, and he said he would be willing to be baptized on June 28th. THEN he asked where the church was because he knows he needs to be there. Wow! So then he came to church and looooved it! Oh my goodness! Xavier is a pure miracle. I am so thankful for the dedication and hard work of the missionaries in the Houston Mission. It has helped me see that we really are prepping the ground work for others to come and harvest, even if we aren’t the ones who see the fruits of our labors. I LOVE Xavier. He is the!
So here’s something fun… We had dinner with a family this week who were a little awkward. They feed the missionaries weekly (awesome!) but… they have 9 cats in their tiny trailer… Sister Johnson had to use the bathroom SO BAD so she used theirs annnd… THE BATH TUB IS THE LITTER BOX! Wait for it… AND THERE’S HUMAN POOP IN THERE TOO! ahhhhhhh!!! The cats kept touching the food on the stove while we ate, and they even got on the middle of the table and pawed at people’s food. I’m at a loss of words to even tell y’all how I feel about this situation.
We met a man during the hour of power. I don’t remember his name… but: his door was open on his trailer, so we just walked up and knocked on the siding. Well, we made the mistake of peeking inside. this man was BOOTY NAKED! ahhhh! he slipped on some pants then came to the door. “You caught me naked!” “sorry about that…” “You caught me naked and drinking beer” “So so so sorry about that…” “You’re welcome to sit down and join me!” My reaction? RUN. RUN AWAY RIGHT NOW. Sister Johnson’s? “Would you like to hear a message about prophets being on the earth today?” *me, so dumbfounded* “Uh, sister? this man just asked us to sit naked and drink beer? why are you contacting the perv?” I said that in my mind of course… so we talked to this guy for about 15 minutes cause my companion wouldn’t walk away. It was so awkward! I guess I was just raised that if someone is being creepy and perverted, that you either pepper spray them, knock ’em in the genitals, or walk away… I think my option as a representative of the lord is to walk away, but my companion must have skipped that day of learning in her up-bringing. *sigh* Do you see what I’m in for? Silsbee is weird.
Hm… what else… Another one of our new investigators, Kathy, used to be taught by the sisters. She has read the book of mormon all the way into alma but she’s upset cause she feels she hasn’t received a witness that it is true. Well, she hasn’t ever come to church. So we tried to help her see she needs to do all that she can if she’s going to find out. But then we found out she loves family history! WOW! So we hooked and anchored her back in with that. I’m super excited to take her to the center so even I can learn how to do family history better! haha
Well y’all, I miss and love you! I’m going to try and send some pictures home… We’ll see if it works. Thanks for all the love and emails! LOVE Y’ALL!
— Sister Stockinger
P.S. Sister Allison is in Vidor! I LOVE Sister Allison so I know my investigators are in good hands! Whew! Tom is going to get baptized, I do not doubt it!

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