Moe’s Letter – You Will Never Believe it – August 4, 2014

This was the most exciting, exhausting, patience testing, faith building week EVER. I had mentioned how we ended up in a competition to beat the elders at contacting people… Preach My Gospel says that we are to talk with everyone, but the mission asks that we contact at least 10 a day. So: we took this to heart.

On Monday we did our absolute best to contact people. Annnd we got… 10! We. Were. Stoked. That never happens on a monday! On mondays we become a little tiny bit lazy cause… all we wanna do is rush through stuff so we can get to the church and hang with people. But we did it! Our on 10th contact we met a guy named Jimmy. He has a lot of problems with his back so he’s home all the time. We were blessed to set a return appointment! It was awesome. It really built my testimony that we truly need to contact 10 people a day if we intend to see results.
On Tuesday we hit the streets. Since we had no progressing investigators, and no less actives who were making changes… we committed the whole day to contacting. We contacted 30 PEOPLE! It was amazing! When we were at 27, and realized how awesome the day had been, we were determined to contact 30. We said a prayer, climbed outta the car, and realized we had 20 minutes. We went nuts. Waaaay down the street was a man who was walking away from us. We saw him just as he rounded the corner out of our sight. I broke into a sprint after him! When I had him in sight again, i slowed to a brisk walk (we dont wanna freak people out, ya know…) and started yelling, “Excuse us!” “Sir?” “Hello!” finally, sister johnson said, “HEEEEEY!” and he looked over his shoulder at us and kept walking. Soooo… we ran. haha! so embarrassing. But we weren’t going to let him get away! Finally, we caught up to him. This man was huge; his stride was insane. I had to do this little run, hop, walk, skip thing to keep up with him. We finally spit out who we were and asked if we could give him a picture of Christ. He scoffed at us and said, “buddist” “… Seriously?” “yep” “How’d that happen?” “I lived in Japan” “Military?” “Yep” “oh. My dad was in the military!” “That’s nice.” “Sure you dont wanna hear our message? It’s really -” “NOPE!” “Okay. Bye!” Yeah… all that chasing for nothing! Sister johnson REALLY wanted to give away a book of mormon (Cause i handed one out earlier right after she said we should set a goal to hand 2 out every day) AND set a solid return appointment. Well, the very next guy was named phillip. He said that someone had promised to bring him a book of mormon, but never did. So we gave him one on the spot! Then we set a return appointment! Prayers are answered, kids. Then finally, we contacted our 30th person. But he wasn’t interested either… But still – it was an amazing day. We had sent TONS of return appointments and received a lot of referrals!
On Wednesday we had our mini missionary come. She stayed with us for 5 days… Her name was Heather Lee, but people always think it’s one name so they say Heatherly. So that’s what we called her. She was… my patience builder this week… Sometimes I feel like i’m still 16, but being around a 17 year old nonstop really made me realize: I’m almost 22. Thank goodness! Anyways – Heatherly did do a good job with us on her first day there. She helped us contact and everything! On Wednesday we contacted 32 people. We had to go to the store to get heatherly some food (she’s allergic to EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!) and we met this girl named Derranitra Dill. Or as we call her, DD. She’s black (: When we told her who we were, she immediately asked, “OH! Do you know brad bebee?” “Uh, yes we do! (actually, we know his family). He just came home from his mission yesterday!” “REALLY?! I’d love to catch up with him! Can y’all come teach me and bring him along?” “Uh, yes. yes we can.” “Tomorrow?” “Yes. Yes we can” “OKAY! Great!” Since that night, we have now met with DD twice, Brad came to both lessons, and DD has a date for August 16th. She came to church on Sunday and LOVED it. Brad says she was WILD in high school. He said, “I never thought she would be the one who’d be ready to accept the gospel. Sisters! I just served a mission for 2 years and am STILL be amazed at how much the Lord will prepare his children for exactly the right moment” It was so awesome. After church she said, “I want to join. I want to be here all the time!” I was soooo happy for her. She is the sweetest thing!
On Thursday we contacted 20 people. Nothing ultra fabulous about it except we did gain some referrals and were able to contact them.
On Friday after district meeting I went on my first exchange as an STL… AHHH! I WAS SO NERVOUS! I made myself ill. My stomach was so mad at me the whole time. But I got to go to Buna and work with Sister Thornton. It turned out to be a lot of fun! Sister Thornton was open to the small suggestions I had… She just lets herself stand between the work. So we talked about the power of positivity and overcoming the obstacle of ourself. She swore up and down that in Buna there’s no one to contact… Yet people live there… So off we went contacting at 8pm at night. We met 14 people! It was amazing. It was such a faith building experience for both of us. Over in Silsbee Sister Johnson kept our contacting going and met 28 people that day!
Saturday was so much fun. We met this crazy lady named Veronica. She said she’d start a class in her house for us! Sweet, right? She then went on to tell us she has seen the devil in a dream (she was pronounced dead 5 years ago then sat up on the table and said, “Who’s dead?” and the doctor fainted… so she says…) but while she was dead she saw the devil and all his little demons and their pitch forks. haha! Just like the bible said! hahaha ahhh… she also thinks she has met Thomas S. Monson. She called him, “Good ol’ St. Thomas”… Ohhh  my goodness. I was dying. Hahaha! So we set a time to go visit her again. I can’t wait! Because of some issues we had with our mini missionary going cray-cray on us, we unfortunately only got to contact 9 people that day, though.
On Sunday we contacted 21 people… Week total: 140. It was amazing! We saw so many miracles throughout the week. We set so many appointment we didn’t know how we were going make it to them all on time! Of course, not everyone was there when we came back… But the ones who were home were VERY prepared. We are now teaching Jimmy and DD on a consistent basis. It’s amazing!
But I’m sorry y’all – i have to go! We have some elders here at the library who are waiting for some computers. I miss and love y’all so much! THE CHURCH IS TRUE! When we do all we can, we see miracles unfold. I can promise y’all that.
talk to y’all next week!
— Sister Stockinger

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