Moe’s Letter – Soooo Sleeeeepy – August 11, 2014

Okay – I’m sorry! I totally forgot to mention that, YES, we definitely won in our contacting competition. It was glorious! We were ahead the whole week, but the Kountze Elders were always just a few steps behind us. We only won by 9! In total, our whole district contacted 439 people.

This was the longest, most exhausting week of my whole life though. I don’t think I have ever felt so busy and gone without sleep so much on my mission! It started with Monday…
We went to zone pday in Beaumont and played a bunch of games. Thankfully no one fell of the stage and broke their arm this time! Whew! Elder Collet’s arm had some crazy surgery last month but he’s doing good! Later that night 3 other STL’s and I drove to Kingwood to stay the night in the mission home. It was so much fun. I felt like I had some new best friends and we were off on a road trip! It was Sister DeGuilio from Beaumont (my fellow STL) and the two STL’s from Orange Zone, Larsen and Walton. We made it to the mission home around 9:15pm and stayed up awhile talking to Sister Drake. It was a lot of fun! However… When it came time for bed, I couldn’t sleep. I was SO NERVOUS! Why?
Tuesday morning was the scariest morning of my whole life. It was time for my FIRST MISSION LEADERSHIP COUNCIL! AHHH! All of a sudden I realized… Almost 18mo ago, I slept in the mission home in the very bed I’d slept the night before. Now I was sitting in the Eagle Springs Building where I had my New Missionary Training. I thought to myself, “I’m supposed to know stuff” meaning, “I’m at a meeting with all the spiritual giants of the mission. What the heck??!!” All of a sudden, things have come full circle. I’m not new anymore! I’m old as dirt! I felt like I was going to barf. I think President knew it too; he had his eye on me the whole time.  It was stinking amazing though! I got to see Sister Stofferahn who also just became an STL, as well as Sister Perkes, so that made me happy (: It was awesome to see them! I learned so much at this meeting though. Heavenly Father also blessed me and confirmed to me that the things I was doing were right. He helped me see how my studies from the previous week had been 100% inspired. Seriously – I had no idea how to be an STL so I relied heavily on my studies. Everything we focused on were the top 3 things my studies were lead to. It provided some much needed relief!
After the meeting we went back to the mission home to have lunch. I laughed so hard – President Drake is such a sports fanatic. Whenever President Crawford wanted us all to be quiet and reverent, or to get ready to pray, he’d always say “Elders, Sisters…” in his professional CEO voice. SO SCARY sometimes. Well President Drake used his coaching tactic and just yelled, “QUIET!” whoa. Silence. Then he chuckled. It was sooo funny to me! They are so different, but so wonderful all at the same time.
After MLC we all piled back into the car and drove back to Beaumont. I picked up Sister Johnson and back to Silsbee we went. We had enough time to eat, try visiting a couple people, then we had to drive to…. WOODVILLE! I had to go on an exchange with Sister Crump. I had been very nervous for this exchange due to previous circumstances, but after MLC I felt like I could take on the world! I ended up having the BEST time on this exchange. I got to know Sister Crump really well; we have soooo much in common! We stayed up till 1am talking. Yikes. This is now two nights in a row where I haven’t slept in my own bed and haven’t gotten a proper amount of sleep. Buuut here I go… I kept on moving! I was able to see some less actives in Woodville who are STILL less active… yikes. That was weird. But the sisters are having so much success up there! It made me sooo happy! It was also nice to be back in the most beautiful area of the mission. I loved it!
On Wednesday night I was finally able to be in my own bed. Whew! But then came Thursday… President Interviews! Oh my goodness – it was such a joy to be with the Drake’s again! I absolutely love them. Sister Drake is the most precious thing on earth. She is so nervous, but is doing such a marvelous job of stepping into her new calling. When I got to have my one-on-one interview with President Drake, I started to cry… of course… except this time I didn’t know why I was crying. I think I just had so many feelings bubbling in me that my Spirit didn’t know what to do. We talked about MLC, he chuckled cause he knew I had been nervous… but he paid me some of the highest compliments I think I will ever receive in this life. He told me things that pertain to my patriarchal blessing!!! This man, y’all, is very inspired. It made me feel so at peace; that Heavenly Father was aware of me and my simple minded feelings and is helping prepare me for greater things to come. I couldn’t believe it! Our interview only lasted about 3 minutes. This is something that blew my mind: he repeated back to me some of the very thoughts I had had while at MLC. He said, “Sister Stockinger, you don’t need to worry. You are a spiritual giant in this mission” I GASPED. I’m telling y’all! HE IS SUPER INSPIRED! So then I just cried a few more tears, he chuckled the way I imagine Santa Clause to, then sent me out the door. It all happened so quickly! But it was everything I needed.
On Friday we went back to Beaumont for Zone Meeting. It was amazing, as always. But now, by this point, I am TIRED. I had the worst headache when I woke up! Then I had to ride with Buna Sisters and their member… who drives a little crazy… so then I was super car sick. But then into yet another meeting with the zone leaders I went, then into our zone meeting, then off to lunch, then back to Silsbee. I DIED. but I couldn’t stop! We had so many set appointments there was no time to slow down.
Finally, Saturday morning, I woke up and made it halfway thru my studies before I HAD to lay down again. I had such awful vertigo, light sensitivity… the whole show. I was basically crippled. I ended up sleeping till 3pm. It felt like 10 minutes! Sister Johnson had made calls and cancelled all of our appointments. but my migraine persisted! I thought I could go out, but we ended up coming back after an hour. I fell back asleep and konked out till Sunday morning.
I wasn’t kidding when I said this was the most exhausting week! It felt like I never stopped moving. But I was okay with it! I have really grown to love my calling as an STL this week. I really felt like Heavenly Father helped open my mind and heart to revelation, as well as loving the sisters whom I serve. I am so thankful for the opportunity I now have to grow in this capacity and work, little by little, at becoming more like my Heavenly Father. I just love my mission SO MUCH! It is the best, most incredible thing I have ever chosen to do. I love my up’s and I love my down’s. I can’t believe that time is short!
I just hope everyone knows that I know this church is true. I just know that Heavenly Father places us exactly where we need to be. I know that Christ is my Savior. I know he knows me perfectly. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the he translated the plates by the power of God. I KNOW that the priesthood is here on the earth today to bless and guide all of Heavenly Father’s children. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that it testifies of our Savior. I know that Heavenly Father loves us now, as much as He loved His children in ancient times. That’s why we have a prophet! I am so thankful for the revelation our apostles and prophet receive. I can’t imagine what life would be like without such divine guidance! I hope everyone knows that i know these things are true, as well as so many others. I say it in Christ’s name, Amen.
Real quick, an investigator update… DiDi is going to have to push her date back. We’re having a hard time finding her a place to live so she doesn’t have to live with her fiance. She also has some word of wisdom issues. Victoria is still crazy but still amazing. haha! We started teaching two sisters, Keauna and Ashuanta. Yes- they’re black. I love them! They’re hilarious. We also started teaching a young black mom, Rachel, who’s dad just passed away 2 weeks ago. She is BEYOND prepared. She asked us all the right questions. We just need to get her to church!
Xavier didn’t move back to Houston, but he moved to Lumberton. He and his dad were able to find a place! Whew! The Lumberton Elders do their best to visit him, but he’s hard to catch cause of work. However, both he and his dad came to church yesterday! And his dad isn’t even investigating the church! WHAT A BLESSING! We and the elders were super excited. His dad, Theo, is so prepared. He just needs to make time to sit down!
It was an awesome week. Thanks for all the love and prayers! I miss and love y’all sooo much!
— Sister Stockinger
P.S. we found out Quentin L. Cook is coming on August 23rd! At first they said the 28th, so i was SUPER EXCITED… yay birthday! but no, he’s coming a little early. Still – it’s stinking awesome!

Moe’s Letter – You Will Never Believe it – August 4, 2014

This was the most exciting, exhausting, patience testing, faith building week EVER. I had mentioned how we ended up in a competition to beat the elders at contacting people… Preach My Gospel says that we are to talk with everyone, but the mission asks that we contact at least 10 a day. So: we took this to heart.

On Monday we did our absolute best to contact people. Annnd we got… 10! We. Were. Stoked. That never happens on a monday! On mondays we become a little tiny bit lazy cause… all we wanna do is rush through stuff so we can get to the church and hang with people. But we did it! Our on 10th contact we met a guy named Jimmy. He has a lot of problems with his back so he’s home all the time. We were blessed to set a return appointment! It was awesome. It really built my testimony that we truly need to contact 10 people a day if we intend to see results.
On Tuesday we hit the streets. Since we had no progressing investigators, and no less actives who were making changes… we committed the whole day to contacting. We contacted 30 PEOPLE! It was amazing! When we were at 27, and realized how awesome the day had been, we were determined to contact 30. We said a prayer, climbed outta the car, and realized we had 20 minutes. We went nuts. Waaaay down the street was a man who was walking away from us. We saw him just as he rounded the corner out of our sight. I broke into a sprint after him! When I had him in sight again, i slowed to a brisk walk (we dont wanna freak people out, ya know…) and started yelling, “Excuse us!” “Sir?” “Hello!” finally, sister johnson said, “HEEEEEY!” and he looked over his shoulder at us and kept walking. Soooo… we ran. haha! so embarrassing. But we weren’t going to let him get away! Finally, we caught up to him. This man was huge; his stride was insane. I had to do this little run, hop, walk, skip thing to keep up with him. We finally spit out who we were and asked if we could give him a picture of Christ. He scoffed at us and said, “buddist” “… Seriously?” “yep” “How’d that happen?” “I lived in Japan” “Military?” “Yep” “oh. My dad was in the military!” “That’s nice.” “Sure you dont wanna hear our message? It’s really -” “NOPE!” “Okay. Bye!” Yeah… all that chasing for nothing! Sister johnson REALLY wanted to give away a book of mormon (Cause i handed one out earlier right after she said we should set a goal to hand 2 out every day) AND set a solid return appointment. Well, the very next guy was named phillip. He said that someone had promised to bring him a book of mormon, but never did. So we gave him one on the spot! Then we set a return appointment! Prayers are answered, kids. Then finally, we contacted our 30th person. But he wasn’t interested either… But still – it was an amazing day. We had sent TONS of return appointments and received a lot of referrals!
On Wednesday we had our mini missionary come. She stayed with us for 5 days… Her name was Heather Lee, but people always think it’s one name so they say Heatherly. So that’s what we called her. She was… my patience builder this week… Sometimes I feel like i’m still 16, but being around a 17 year old nonstop really made me realize: I’m almost 22. Thank goodness! Anyways – Heatherly did do a good job with us on her first day there. She helped us contact and everything! On Wednesday we contacted 32 people. We had to go to the store to get heatherly some food (she’s allergic to EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!) and we met this girl named Derranitra Dill. Or as we call her, DD. She’s black (: When we told her who we were, she immediately asked, “OH! Do you know brad bebee?” “Uh, yes we do! (actually, we know his family). He just came home from his mission yesterday!” “REALLY?! I’d love to catch up with him! Can y’all come teach me and bring him along?” “Uh, yes. yes we can.” “Tomorrow?” “Yes. Yes we can” “OKAY! Great!” Since that night, we have now met with DD twice, Brad came to both lessons, and DD has a date for August 16th. She came to church on Sunday and LOVED it. Brad says she was WILD in high school. He said, “I never thought she would be the one who’d be ready to accept the gospel. Sisters! I just served a mission for 2 years and am STILL be amazed at how much the Lord will prepare his children for exactly the right moment” It was so awesome. After church she said, “I want to join. I want to be here all the time!” I was soooo happy for her. She is the sweetest thing!
On Thursday we contacted 20 people. Nothing ultra fabulous about it except we did gain some referrals and were able to contact them.
On Friday after district meeting I went on my first exchange as an STL… AHHH! I WAS SO NERVOUS! I made myself ill. My stomach was so mad at me the whole time. But I got to go to Buna and work with Sister Thornton. It turned out to be a lot of fun! Sister Thornton was open to the small suggestions I had… She just lets herself stand between the work. So we talked about the power of positivity and overcoming the obstacle of ourself. She swore up and down that in Buna there’s no one to contact… Yet people live there… So off we went contacting at 8pm at night. We met 14 people! It was amazing. It was such a faith building experience for both of us. Over in Silsbee Sister Johnson kept our contacting going and met 28 people that day!
Saturday was so much fun. We met this crazy lady named Veronica. She said she’d start a class in her house for us! Sweet, right? She then went on to tell us she has seen the devil in a dream (she was pronounced dead 5 years ago then sat up on the table and said, “Who’s dead?” and the doctor fainted… so she says…) but while she was dead she saw the devil and all his little demons and their pitch forks. haha! Just like the bible said! hahaha ahhh… she also thinks she has met Thomas S. Monson. She called him, “Good ol’ St. Thomas”… Ohhh  my goodness. I was dying. Hahaha! So we set a time to go visit her again. I can’t wait! Because of some issues we had with our mini missionary going cray-cray on us, we unfortunately only got to contact 9 people that day, though.
On Sunday we contacted 21 people… Week total: 140. It was amazing! We saw so many miracles throughout the week. We set so many appointment we didn’t know how we were going make it to them all on time! Of course, not everyone was there when we came back… But the ones who were home were VERY prepared. We are now teaching Jimmy and DD on a consistent basis. It’s amazing!
But I’m sorry y’all – i have to go! We have some elders here at the library who are waiting for some computers. I miss and love y’all so much! THE CHURCH IS TRUE! When we do all we can, we see miracles unfold. I can promise y’all that.
talk to y’all next week!
— Sister Stockinger

Moe’s Letter – Week 1 – July 21, 2014

Well kids, here I am… Staying in Silsbee with Sister Johnson! We’re trying to set some good goals to kick the new transfer off right. Just so everyone knows: this is transfer 12/13… Si. Si. Time is FLYING! I can’t believe it.

Well… This is probably going to be the grossest email ever. But it’s all I have to tell y’all. *sigh*
Last Monday I had to go to Orange to have an ingrown toenail removed… *gag*… It was the most traumatizing experience of my whole life! When they put me in the room and I waited for the doctor I suddenly became insanely nervous. When he walked in I started laughing AND COULDN’T STOP! I was soooo nervous! The first thing I said? “Haha, Hi, I’m scared of you” Yes – a great opening line. “Me? Why?” “Yes. Are you going to put needles in my foot?” “I dont know. Let’s see…. Yep. I am.” *burst out laughing* I DONT KNOW WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME!!! To make it worse he had this girl there following him around to be trained as a medical assistant. she was trying so hard to remain professional and not laugh at me… but she couldn’t hold it in a couple times. So embarrassing. So he stuck 5 needles in my toe to numb it up and I couldn’t stop laughing/screaming. Sister Johnson held my hand. Then  he left me alone for 20 minutes to let it take effect. That was the loooooongest 20 minutes of my whole life. He came back, yanked it out, I nearly threw up, and then it was done. He gave me a prescription for pain meds and sent me on my way. Thankfully the lady who does the billing is LDS and in the Orange Ward so she didn’t charge me (:
Well THEN we went to Vidor to stop in at T and T pharmacy because the guy is LDS and gives us free drugs. *sigh* Vidor… I cried when we took the FM 105 exit. When I hobbled into the pharmacy Brother Torres looked up from behind the counter and said, “Hey pretty girl! We’ve missed you! Welcome home! Grab a drink and I’ll get your drugs” and just smiled and smiled while he filled it for me. I just stood there, sipping my coke and trying not to cry, then he gave me a Texas key chain and off we went. Maaan… I miss that place. It is NOT good to go back to your favorite area and not get to talk to everyone.
Well the numbing stuff in my toe lasted for 8 hours so i didn’t have to take any of my crazy narcotic. Well i couldn’t find anywhere on the stupid bottle how much pain stuff I was allowed to take. So I had to call Dr. Quirante from Vidor *sigh* He said, “Oh Sister Stockinger! We miss you so much! How are you!? Where are you!? When are you coming back?! … YOU WERE IN VIDOR?! You didn’t come say hi?? Oh Sister Stockinger, we love you and miss you” So there I was, in walmart (we were getting bandages and stuff) and i was just crying and crying. Then he said, “Sister Stockinger, this procedure is very painful. It’s actually quite barbaric.” Then told me how often to take the drugs and some ibuprofen. Off we went.
We had dinner with a family, the Bebee’s. They are awesome. Their son Brad comes home in a week from the Pocatello, ID mission! I’ll be excited to talk to him. Don’t worry – he’s not attractive.
Then we went home… and I had to take my drugs. They KNOCKED ME OUT. I was in a coma for about 2 days. Sister johnson would wake me up to take my meds and eat a little food. Then, by the third day, I had to start getting off the drugs. From late Tuesday night to the rest of the week I couldn’t stop throwing up. I’d drink water, gag, and throw up. It was AWFUL. So… we didn’t leave the house this week. I mustered up some kindness and went to our district meeting and lunch. Then I came home and threw up and died. Some elders had come and given me a blessing; i vaguely remember it. Apparently I was very animated and said whatever was on my mind. *sigh*… At one point during my craziness, I said to sister johnson, “Is my face swollen?” cause it felt weird! “Uh, no?” So i went in the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and cried because it’s just fat. The elders and sister johnson were like, uhh whaaat? Yeah. I hit a low this week… haha
Yesterday we were able to be out for a little bit and managed to teach 2 lessons. So that was good!
But while I’ve been dying, what I have done this week is… Lay on the couch, sleep, and listen to Hank Smith talks and John Bytheway. Family and friends: I LOVE HANK SMITH. He has the BEST talks and is hilarious! One of my favorite talks by him is called “Break up with the world”. It’s awesome. Everyone needs to listen to him! I learned so much.
For example: Hank Smith is a seminary teacher. He does this thing with his students where he gives them a scripture and tells them to READ it, FIND a principle, and USE it. He calls it, “Read it, find it, use it”. Yes – very clever. He shares some stories of how it works. One day he gave kids the verse in 1 nephi when he is bound and he prays the Lord to give him strength to burst the bands and show the mighty power of the Lord. The lord heard his prayer, the bands were loosed, and Nephi was able to keep working on his brothers. Well, this young girl in his class said, “I found a principle!” and he said, “Okay, let’s here it”. “Sometimes our prayers are not always answered the way we want them to” “What do you mean? He did get his prayer answered…” “No he didn’t. He prayed that his bands would BURST! But they were loosed.” Then Hank Smith realized she was right! Nephi wanted those ropes to go flying, smacking people in the face! But instead, they were just loosed. Ahh man! Then Hank Smith said, “How will you use it?” “My parents are getting a divorce. I can still pray, heavenly father will answer them, but maybe now how I want Him to” Hank Smith went on to explain that now this girl will never see the scriptures the same. She’ll be able to find things that are directly applicable to her life, use it, and find strength to endure. Already this idea is changing my scripture study. It’s so simple! I love it.
Another example of this idea of ‘read it, find it, use it’ was when in 2 Nephi, Nephi builds a temple. It’s 2 Nephi 5:16. Hank Smith talks about how he always just skipped over this verse. Why is it here? It seems so insignificant. Even as a seminary teacher – he just didn’t like this verse! All it said to him was “Nephi built a temple. It was like Solomons, but it wasn’t, but it was. And we liked it”. Um, okay? So what? Well a boy came to him one day and said, “Brother Smith, this is my favorite scripture” “What?!!?? Why??!!” “Because it says that I can do the best with what I have. I don’t have to compare myself to others because it seems like they have nicer things. I can be happy with what I have!” Hank Smith said he just stared at him, stunned. And I do have to agree; I never would have seen that in that verse.
So, basically, I love this idea. I love finding new ways to dive into my scriptures. I just loooove the book of mormon! it’s so amazing.
But I’m sorry, i have to cut this off short. I miss y’all and love y’all so much!
— Sister Stockinger

Moe’s Letter – Holy Moly IT’S HOT! – July 14, 2014

Y’all, if I never worked out a day in my life, I may get fit just by sweating 24/7. We don’t have the world’s greatest A/C where we live… All things shall be for my experience…

So this week we kind of bombed. This was probably the hardest week I’ve had in Silsbee (in missionary work terms…). It’s like the work has come to a dead halt. We’ve had to drop some investigators, been dropped BY our investigators, no one wants to listen to us, no one opens the door… I had a sister training leader with me here on Wednesday. We knocked on SO MANY DOORS trying to get in contact with people (investigators, less actives, active members…) and NO ONE opened the door. Finally, after a good 4 hours of this, I looked at her and she looked at me. She said, “Can we please just go to sonic? It’s happy hour.” So we called it quits for 45 minutes and just sat at sonic inhaling ice cream. *sigh* yeah… it’s been one of those weeks.
We did find a new investigator. We had met her during the hour of power a couple weeks ago. She’s raising her two grandkids cause her daughter over dosed on prescription drugs. Her name is Zinada. We taught her the whole restoration lesson. She was nodding her head, saying “oh yes ma’am” all through out it… Finally, after I shared Joseph Smith History with her, she says, “Oh yes ma’am! This is everything I’ve been taught my whole life!” Uh? What? Yeah… This lady just kind of accepts everything at face value. We couldn’t commit her to pray about things because she “prays every day”… Haha this will be a slower teaching process. But at least she let us in!
We have a recent convert who was baptized in February. She scares the heck outta me. She’s very aggressive and hyper all at the same time… She used to be a prison guard. Sooo we sat down with her and visited for a bit this week. She has almost every church manual the church has ever produced. And she knows that half of them aren’t even taught out of anymore! But she likes them. She feels like she has so much to catch up on. It’s just her and her dog… We’ll just let her read! haha
We have an 18 year old recent convert here, Taylor. We’re going through the book of mormon with her. She’s in the middle of 2nd Nephi and doesn’t understand anything. I feel bad cause… I barely catch some of those chapters and now we have to explain them to her/admit we don’t even know what’s going on. But I think it makes her feel better cause then she’s not the only one. haha Sooo this is fun!
I’m so sorry this is such a short email. We have so much to do today that I am just kind of breezing through the week… Thanks for all the emails! I do miss and love y’all so very much.
I love y’all and appreciate everything y’all do!
—Sister Stockinger

Moe’s Letter – The Church is True! – July 7, 2014

We just finished week 4 of the transfer! whoooa… It’s kinda crazy that I only have 3.5 months left. Holy cow! Gotta live it up!

Xavier got interviewed by the Bishop yesterday to receive the Priesthood next week. Weehoo! I’m excited for him. I’m not entirely sure he understands what a big deal this is, but he seems excited. He’s going to get to help prepare the sacrament in 2 weeks, then pass the next, then bless on the third. He seemed in awe that he would get to do all that.
We have this millionaire “investigator” we drop in on that the sisters before us left. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned her… Her name is Charlene Dauphine. She just bought a furnished a beach house, got a gold golf cart for it… She’s 84 and 100% hilarious. Seriously – a hoot and half! She says she’s gonna find me a boyfriend! Oh wow, she is bound and determined to! One that I can just look at for right now, then go on dates with when I’m done. She says not to worry about being from Idaho – he’ll have a private plane to come fly up and visit me. *sigh* sounds pretty good to me! haha seriously – she’s nuts. But i have a good time trying to get her to read and pray. She says that’s what the beach house will be for. haha! We’ll see.
Good news – our investigator Rhonda can read! Kind of… but for the first time ever, she read a verse. I was shocked. We always go around in a circle taking turns, but she always passes. But this time… She read one! I think she just had to get up the courage. We’re 4 weeks in since knowing her, so hopefully in another 4 weeks she’ll be ready to be baptized! You never know. We were shooting for July 19th but she’s a little stubborn when it comes to attending church.
When we first got to Silsbee we went to check on a less active who the Buna sisters found on their records. Weird. So we went to find her annnd she was rude. So we hadn’t gone back for a few weeks… Well – we were running out of stuff to do on Tuesday; everything fell through. So we just decided to go check on her. Her husband (who is seriously ancient!) was there. “Oh, Helen isn’t home” “Where’s she at?” “The hospital?” “Uh…” Turns out she was missing SEVEN PINTS OF BLOOD! The fact she was living and breathing, let alone walking and moving around, was a miracle. So the doctors are on the hunt to see where this blood went missing. She’s been having a difficult time breathing, thought it was cause she’s a bit over weight, but nope… They did standard blood work and called her to get back to the ER. So while we were visiting with her husband, she came home. The transfusion unit closes (which doesn’t make sense to me) so she had to come home then go back in the morning. So we were able to visit with them, share some scriptures, and then offered to send the Elders in Beaumont to her hospital room to give her a blessing in the morning. She teared up and said she would greatly appreciate it. *side note* you know, once you know the church is true, you can deny it for all it’s worth (never go to church, never read, never pray…) but as soon as a restored truth like the priesthood is brought up, people FEEL the spirit and it starts to work within them. In the 60 something years these two have been married she has NEVER attended church. He didn’t even know she was a member for the longest time! And yet: she knew she needed a priesthood blessing. Blows my mind! *back to the story* the elders went and gave her a blessing but that’s the only thing I know now. We are going to go check on her soon, but we didn’t want to be in the way.
On Thursday we had our first hour of power without the Crawfords. That was weird… but oh well! We were blessed to pray with a member, Lacy Ruggles. She said, “I hope this goes well! The last time we did this the elders found someone!” Well she said the most incredible prayer, not just praying for us, but praying for herself to be a better member missionary. It was so sweet and sincere. Well, we found someone! On the last house (: Her name is Shirley, her mom died 3 months ago and she’s not doing well with it. She used to call her every day at the same time, so now that habit is eating her up. Poor thing! We have no idea how old she is; she’s black and aged fantastically. But we committed her to read and pray about the book of mormon. She was so sweet! Lacy was THRILLED when we told her. It was an excellent faith building night for all of us.
Oh – Thursday morning we met the Drakes. They seem sweet… Not really much else to say. Sister Drake couldn’t stop crying. haha. We did a small Q&A and someone asked them if they were “health nuts” we all giggled cause the Crawfords were always preaching good eating at us. They looked at each other, then she said, “Well… Health is important…” and he said “Have you seen my shape?” we all just kinda hung there with our mouths open. haha! This is going to be so weird… but despite the newness of the situation, you can tell they just radiate with the spirit and have so much love for this work! I’m excited to work with them.
The fourth of July was a major let down. I only saw one firework! What the heck, Texas?! And we didn’t even have bbq that day… we had taco salad for dinner. *sigh* I guess the church is still true (: haha
All in all, the week was great. Highs and lows, lots of sun… Got my package from mom! That was awesome. I loooove her granola! Mmm… Can’t wait to hear from y’all!
I love this gospel so much. I just know the church is true. Do all that you can to defend it! Doubt not, fear not.
mucho grande love,
—Sister Stockinger

Moe’s Letter – Red, White, and Blue – June 30, 2014

I LOVE being in Texas and seeing all the 4th of July decorations pop up! AHH! They look so good! I love Texas waaay too much (:

I finally remembered to bring my paper with all my favorite Vidor ward member’s emails on it… So hello to them! Miss them all! (:
This week was fantastic. Xavier was baptized and confirmed! I still cannot believe that we only met him 2 weeks ago… Wow – he was just sooo prepared. He’s so special. We asked the elders for a bunch of ties so we could give them to him at his baptism. Wow – he cleaned up so well! He normally wore a white shirt, untucked, black jeans and black basketball shoes. Someone had gifted him a suit and some SHINEY dress shoes! He walked in singing “Suit and tie” by Justin Timberlake. haha! he is hilarious. I am so stinking proud of him. Just seeing him in a suit, shirt tucked in, tie on… He looked so grown up and glowing (:
Sister Johnson and I had to speak in sacrament meeting. I always get so emotional at confirmations so I was tearing up on the stand. Then I had to speak after these two young women sang “come unto Christ” which always makes me cry. Maaaan… So i started my talk kind of shaky. We both had to talk on Charity. I really struggled with the topic, just because I feel like there’s only so much you can say on the subject… Uh, it’s the pure love of christ? Uh… now what? But as soon as I started speaking the words just flowed. The Spirit really helped me out and took over. We had a member of the stake presidency visiting and after the meeting he jumped across the stand to shake my hand. He kept staying my name over and over, saying he had to remember it because he knew he’d hear it again someday. I gave him a puzzled look, cause uh… that was weird? But he told me that was the best discourse he’d ever heard on the subject of Charity. Then I was just STUNNED! I am so thankful that the Lord promises us that if we put in our efforts and study then the Spirit will always give us the words we need to say, when we need to say them, because someone will need to hear them at that moment. Whew!
We’ve been trying to meet with some less actives this week. It has been so odd… We talked to so many people who read from the book of mormon EVERY DAY but just don’t come to church! I’m talking about people who have these burning testimonies of the gospel! But they feel that because they have such a strong testimony they don’t need to come to church. They think they have it all down pat. My goodness… I don’t know that I’d ever feel comfortable saying, “Oh, I know the gospel well enough.” Or, “I understand the scriptures well enough”. Uh… No thanks! I don’t know that I’ll ever reach that point. So it’s going to be super fun working with these people (:
We started teaching Xavier’s dad this week. We had a pretty good discussion with him, but i’m not sure how it’s going to go… I don’t think he’s ready to make us a priority. He missed Xavier’s baptism! It made me so sad… He’s missed EVERYTHING in Xavier’s life. Xavier moved out here to try and build a relationship with him, but it’s not going very well. his dad just doesn’t have an interest… Thankfully Xavier’s uncle and cousin came. Then they both came to church the next day, but his uncle only stayed for sacrament meeting. Still – Xavier is setting the most fantastic example for his family! I am so proud of him.
President and Sister Crawford are officially moved out and gone. They should have reported on their mission to the high council in Louisiana, and now they should be on their way home to Utah. Maaan… It still makes my heart hurt. But we will be meeting President and Sister Drake this coming Thursday! We’re going to have an open Q&A with them. We’re supposed to come with questions ready… Uh, what’s your favorite color? Uh… I have no idea. Even though i am NOT happy the Crawfords are gone, I just have this feeling that as soon as I see the Drakes walk in that there will be such a powerful spirit. I don’t know why, but I just feel like the mantle that has been placed on him is going to be so fresh that I’ll be able to feel his spirit, power, and love. So I’m becoming more excited to meet him. I’m sure he’s going to be great!
I just hope y’all know that the church is true. If you’ve forgotten, get down on your knees! I just know without a doubt that this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands here in southeast Texas! Opening my heart to Silsbee has been… difficult… but I am thankful for the blessings and experiences the Lord is giving me. Time is short, but there is still JOY in this journey!
I miss y’all and love y’all so much. Thanks for everything!
— Sister Stockinger

Moe’s Letter – Highs and Lows – June 23, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
I just hacked off all my hair again to get it back to my natural… It’s extremely short… I used a picture of emma watson. It’s really short… So short, i don’t think I’m going to send a picture till next week. I need some time to work with it. haha ahhhhhh! #whatwasithinking
This week started off GREAT! I went to the temple on Tuesday. We had the most incredible opportunity to spend time with the temple president. SInce this was President Crawford’s last time going through with everyone, President Crane wanted to make it a special learning experience. Oh wow – i learned a TON. It was so bitter-sweet though. The Crawfords… *sigh*… Oh – I also saw 3 people from my Vidor ward there! I think that was Heavenly Father’s way of comforting me. He always places people from the Humble ward there, but this time it was Vidor. ❤
Wednesday morning we had a few appointments fall through. Since we had some spare time on our hands, we went walking and looking for some less active’s homes. While out on Mormon Church Road (yep. it exists!) this dog started chasing us. It was a scary dog, just an annoying yapper. Well this car came barreling down the street. Thinking perhaps this person may have some level of sanity, they’d swerve and not hit us or the dog. NOPE. They went OUT OF THEIR WAY to swerve into the dog. The sound was awful. It was a huge bang on the bumper, the little guy went spinning, silence for what felt like an eternity, then the poor pup started yelping and dragging his hind legs. I BURST INTO TEARS and ran for the the poor thing. My companion nearly feel on the ground she was so horrified. The dog’s owner, a 10 year old boy, saw it all happen. Ohh my goodness. I couldn’t stop shaking the whole day. The dog, Gizmo, crawled under the car. We looked up at this lady who was the boy’s aunt, for 2 seconds and then the dog was gone. He just disappeared! The lady took it as a good sign; if he can crawl away that quickly he cant be too hurt. I took it as a sign of, “he ran away to his resting place” and couldn’t stop crying. Talk about a great first impression for this lady… We found him under their house (its raised on 2 cinder blocks) but there was no way on earth anyone was going to crawl under there and get him. Ohh lanta – my heart still hurts for him! We’re going to go back and see if they were able to get him to the vet… His hips and legs just HAD to be broken. It still kills me. Gaaah! 😦 I feel so bad because he was coming to bark and run along the road beside us! Ahhh it breaks my heart.
Xavier is doing very well! He’s still on track to be baptized this coming Saturday. I always thought missionaries were nuts when they’d baptize someone in a 2 week period… I just didn’t see how it could happen! Well – here it is! I’m so proud of him. We went over the word of wisdom this week and he said, “Oh no, i don’t have problems with this. As long as I can drink my dr. pepper!” so we laughed and told him that he could. Then he told us how when he was living in Houston, people would try to get him to do drugs all the time. He was all, “No way would I hit that! If it hit that, then my money is going to go into all that. How was i supposed to feed my mom and sisters if i’m hitting drugs all day?” I was so proud of him. He’s only 19 yet he sees the consequences of stuff. He’s just super prepared!
We also started teaching xavier’s cousin, Alex. He’s never had experience with the church before so we have to take things slower. He says he’s going to come to Xavier’s baptism. Poor guy is very stressed out. He’s trying to get his GED and driver’s license right now. He also just found out that his girlfriend is pregnant. Things just aren’t going quite as well for him… But he’s a good kid! well… i think he’s older than me. But he’s trying to do right. the fact that he’s trying to even improve his relationship with Heavenly Father speaks volumes for him. He’s pretty awesome!
Our investigator Kathy is… making excuses… We finally got her to say some stuff that we thought would get her going to church. She was crying and we asked, “Why do you continue to allow us to meet with you?” “Because i want what you have!” but she feels like she just isn’t getting an answer from Heavenly Father. Ugh… she needs to come to church. We were hoping to show her the family history center but that didn’t happen. We’re not giving up though!
On Saturday the Crawfords came and said goodbye to us. It was awful. I couldn’t stop crying. I feel like that’s all I do now! I cry all the time… during lessons, saying goodbye to people, in the shower if I think about people… I just want everyone to live the gospel and be happy! Is that too much to ask? haha But anyways… The crawfords came and gave us hugs. Yep – hugging president crawford. That was a little weird. haha. He is just the best mentor I think I’ve ever had. He emulates Christ better than I thought humanly possible! Imagine spending time with the prophet… My heart aches for them! I miss them sooo much already! They are slipping out of the mission on Saturday. During our interviews last transfer, we wrote postcards to the Drakes. Sister Crawford told us that Sister Drake called her crying and just thanked her and thanked her. can you imagine getting 200 post cards from the missionaries you’re going to be watching over? That’d be crazy. But oh boy… I miss President and Sister Crawford sooo much! I just can’t believe I won’t be seeing them anymore. ugh.
Other than all of that, I suppose I’m surviving… I called and talked to sister allison and sister martinez last night. Tom is doing good, but i don’t know that i’ll be able to go see him get baptized :/ I miss him and the ward so much! Maaan…
Well, i love y’all so much! Thanks for everything y’all do for me! On my bad days I just pray for strength; that if no one in Texas wants to listen to me, that my family and friends at home will be inspired to do some missionary work and have success. So don’t waste my prayers! 😛 I love you all soooo much!
— Sister Stockinger

Moe’s Letter – Well, This Is Life… – June 16, 2014

Well I’m a crappy daughter… For all the things I failed to send stuff home for: Happy Birthday Thomas! Happy Birthday Mom! Happy Father’s Day Dad! (: Sorry that box I sent home was just stuff I needed to get off my hands! The address on the box was the mission office, not an old area… (: Lo Ciento! Love y’all!

Well, I’m in Silsbee! About 22 miles north of Vidor… Yep. They are teasing me. I cried and cried all of transfer meeting… cried myself to sleep a couple times… cried in the shower a couple times… I think I’m done now. I’m just not over leaving Vidor yet. I’m having a little bit of a difficult time loving Silsbee, but I figure I’m supposed to be here so I just need to get over myself and love the work! The ward boundaries are HUGE. We have 3 sets of missionaries in it. 2 sets of elders and then us… The elders are great. I’ve served around a couple of them before, and came out with one, so I’m super excited. This is going to be fuuuun!

Despite my unhappiness of leaving Vidor, the Lord is blessing me and my companion! Her name is Sister Shelby Johnson. She wants to be a circus performer someday, if that gives you any idea what kind of companion I’m now living with… Eeish… Anyways. We were blessed to find 5 new investigators this week! Weeehoo! One of them very well could be one of my top 3 favorites. His story is:
His name is Xavier. He just moved here about a week ago or so from Houston. He’s here with his dad and grandpa, trying to help them out. He’s only 19 but thinks and works hard like he’s in his 30’s. He was meeting with missionaries in Houston but was working two jobs so it was getting difficult. However: his sisters were baptized! Xavier saw the change that was taking place in them, loved their baptism, and new he wanted that in his life. So when he would get home from work at 2:30am, he’d stay awake another 15-30 minutes reading The Book of Mormon – even though he was unable to meet with missionaries! So now, here he is in Silsbee. We went looking for his dad, a former investigator, and found him! His eyes lit up when he came out of the trailer. He told us his story, then said, “I was really hoping to be baptized like my sisters. I love the book of mormon. And that guy! The one who saw the pillar of light… Now I’m afraid I’ll never get that chance since I moved!” *stunned* He goes on, “The missionaries in Houston were great. They came so far out of their way once a week when I had time. It made me feel so special.” *is this real life?!* “Hey Xavier? We represent the same church your sisters were baptized in. Could we visit you 2 or 3 times a week? Would you still like to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?” *his eyes get big* “REALLY!? You will come teach me that often!?! Yes! Yes! I want to be baptized!” I was laughing and nearly crying out of pure joy from his excitement. We met with him the next day, Saturday, and he said he would be willing to be baptized on June 28th. THEN he asked where the church was because he knows he needs to be there. Wow! So then he came to church and looooved it! Oh my goodness! Xavier is a pure miracle. I am so thankful for the dedication and hard work of the missionaries in the Houston Mission. It has helped me see that we really are prepping the ground work for others to come and harvest, even if we aren’t the ones who see the fruits of our labors. I LOVE Xavier. He is the!
So here’s something fun… We had dinner with a family this week who were a little awkward. They feed the missionaries weekly (awesome!) but… they have 9 cats in their tiny trailer… Sister Johnson had to use the bathroom SO BAD so she used theirs annnd… THE BATH TUB IS THE LITTER BOX! Wait for it… AND THERE’S HUMAN POOP IN THERE TOO! ahhhhhhh!!! The cats kept touching the food on the stove while we ate, and they even got on the middle of the table and pawed at people’s food. I’m at a loss of words to even tell y’all how I feel about this situation.
We met a man during the hour of power. I don’t remember his name… but: his door was open on his trailer, so we just walked up and knocked on the siding. Well, we made the mistake of peeking inside. this man was BOOTY NAKED! ahhhh! he slipped on some pants then came to the door. “You caught me naked!” “sorry about that…” “You caught me naked and drinking beer” “So so so sorry about that…” “You’re welcome to sit down and join me!” My reaction? RUN. RUN AWAY RIGHT NOW. Sister Johnson’s? “Would you like to hear a message about prophets being on the earth today?” *me, so dumbfounded* “Uh, sister? this man just asked us to sit naked and drink beer? why are you contacting the perv?” I said that in my mind of course… so we talked to this guy for about 15 minutes cause my companion wouldn’t walk away. It was so awkward! I guess I was just raised that if someone is being creepy and perverted, that you either pepper spray them, knock ’em in the genitals, or walk away… I think my option as a representative of the lord is to walk away, but my companion must have skipped that day of learning in her up-bringing. *sigh* Do you see what I’m in for? Silsbee is weird.
Hm… what else… Another one of our new investigators, Kathy, used to be taught by the sisters. She has read the book of mormon all the way into alma but she’s upset cause she feels she hasn’t received a witness that it is true. Well, she hasn’t ever come to church. So we tried to help her see she needs to do all that she can if she’s going to find out. But then we found out she loves family history! WOW! So we hooked and anchored her back in with that. I’m super excited to take her to the center so even I can learn how to do family history better! haha
Well y’all, I miss and love you! I’m going to try and send some pictures home… We’ll see if it works. Thanks for all the love and emails! LOVE Y’ALL!
— Sister Stockinger
P.S. Sister Allison is in Vidor! I LOVE Sister Allison so I know my investigators are in good hands! Whew! Tom is going to get baptized, I do not doubt it!

Moe’s Letter – Let The Crying Begin – June 9, 2014

Well y’all, I’m leaving Vidor! 😥 I have cried and cried since Saturday night. This is SO not okay with me. I love this area! Baaaah!!!! I only got 3 months!!! 😦

Yesterday was actually a really fantastic day. Our gangster investigator, Thomas, came to church! Annnd…. HE LOVED IT! The ward received him very well. he apparently announced in priesthood that he will definitely be coming back. He also made a lot of comments and used words like “lineage” so… He’s a pretty sharp guy (: Sharper than people were expecting. I love him SO MUCH. I told him he has to get baptized in July so I can come back and see him. He kind of laughed at me, but I think he’s actually considering it! (: He has come so far in the past 2 months – giving up drugs, not stealing, not drinking, cutting ties with shady characters… I am SO proud of him. Not to mention the amazing prayers that he says! Ohh man… My heart hurts to leave him, but I am so excited for him to keep moving forward.
Once people found out i was getting transferred they all started inviting us over for every meal! I just ate the best waffles with peanut butter syrup i’ve ever had. Mmm! That was from the Tolman family. They also gave me a bunch of skirts (packing is already a struggle!) but Brittany is so stylish I couldn’t say no. (: I LOVE this family!!! Boooo…
Aaron blessed the sacrament again yesterday. He did AMAZING, as usual. I am so proud of him and how far he’s come. he has integrated into the ward so well. Everyone loves him; they all talk about him. I am so thankful that they have taken him under their wing and made him “part of the family”. He really needed that. I can’t even THINK about saying goodbye to him and Samantha. 😦 I lose it every time.
Going to lake charles last week was SO MUCH FUN! I got to go for pday and then for exchanges. Pday was great. We played a ton of ultimate frisbee and dodge ball. I was sooo sore for 3 days I almost couldn’t walk. It was a serious struggle. My hammies are still tight! Sooo out of shape… 😦 but  We didn’t end up going to look for gators, so no pictures 😦 but i love that area! Louisiana and Texas are AWESOME!
We have 19 days before the crawfords leave 😦 Eeish… I’m getting nervous for president drake. I’m sure he’ll be wonderful, but that initial goodbye to the crawfords is going to be terrible.
Rodney is doing well… We challenged him to read Alma 32 and experiment upon the word. He has such nondenominational views… He says that every church thinks it’s the true church, so he isn’t surprised when we claim it. ha! so that’s what we’re trying to work through right now. I mean.. he’s pastored seven churches over his life, so… we gotta give him some time. He has such a heart of gold though. I’m going to miss him so much!!!
Saying goodbye to all the members is not what i’m looking forward to, but I’ll try to send some pictures. Eeish. I cried during all of church yesterday. It was miserable. I just love Vidor so much! From the very first day I got here I felt like I’d been here before. Finding people’s homes was easy; like I already knew them or something! My heart is soooo attached. I will definitely be coming back to Vidor someday! I guess that’s why we all call it the “Vidor vortex”
My trainer, Sister Haller, goes home this week! As much as I hated her stinking guts, I’m SO THANKFUL that over the course of my mission I’ve been able to see how well I was trained. When we’re in meetings talking about weekly planning and how it needs to be more thoughtful and detailed, I’m able to say, “Uh, this is the way I’ve done it my whole mission… It’s how I was trained…” and the assistants are stunned! haha. I didn’t realize how much I learned from her, but I am forever thankful for her! I love her to pieces and am going to miss her. We chit chat periodically… I mean, don’t get me wrong. She was CRAZY when we were together, and she still kind of is, but I can see the method to her madness (: haha.
There are a TON of incredible missionaries going home. I think there are more missionaries going home this transfer, that i’ve looked up to, than in the past. I mean, i’ll never be okay with Sister Tuigamala and Elder Viitanen going home, but these missionaries leaving are just as amazing. It’s going to be a loooong sad transfer meeting…
Well, i love y’all and miss y’all! Sorry this was such a bummer email. I hope y’all are loving the missionaries in your wards at home because we certainly get attached where we serve! 😦 I can’t believe I only have 3 transfers left (including the one I’ve just started today!). Elder Aaron is worried about being out for 5 months? Sheesh. I have less time than that left!!!! Soooo crazy. But I do love and miss you. Thanks for everything! I’ll get y’all my  new address next week!
— Sister Stockinger

Moe’s Letter – Hey Y’all! – June 2, 2014

Well… This has been quite the week! We have had RAIN RAIN RAIN! I guess that’s what happens when you’re 20 feet above sea level and just minutes away from the gulf coast. It’s been AWESOME! I don’t know what I’m going to do without my Texas thunder storms.

Anyways. On Sunday the 25th Aaron Smith received the priesthood! I forgot to mention that… I also forgot to mention: they did it wrong! So yesterday he had to be re-ordained right before sacrament meeting so that he could prepare and bless the sacrament. Wow. I don’t think I have ever felt such overwhelming joy! Seeing one of my most FAVORITE people participate in blessing the sacrament; the most sacred ordinance in the church! My heart was going to burst. We had some great testimonies as well. It was a great day! Our bishop’s wife said this, “If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse”. I loved it. I thought it was a great motivator!
We started teaching Aaron’s dad, Rodney! Ahhh! I’m SO HAPPY! He is so prepared. We have taught him the first lesson and he accepted a baptismal invitation. So we are going to be extending a date! He came to church yesterday as well. Aaron was SO NERVOUS for us to start teaching him, that half way through our lesson he had to leave. He had made himself sick with a migraine! He told us that if he happened to be at his dad’s when we came to teach him, then he’d join us… But he wasn’t going to go out of his way to be a part of the teaching process. That made me a little sad 😦 but apparently they haven’t talked religion in over 20 years. So… a little touchy. Rodney is the kindest person though! Seriously – heart of gold. He is what everyone is talking about when they use the term “Southern Hospitality”. I am so excited to keep teaching him!
We are also going to be teaching Keith Hanks, Hillary Hank’s nonmember husband. Oh – hillary is a less active we’ve been working on. I really believe that if we can get Keith on board, Hillary will be solid for the rest of her life. And keith is curious! He’s very curious… Hillary just doesn’t know how to answer all his questions. So that’s where we come in! (: He likes us enough to invite us to go fishing down at rainbow bridge – the 2nd largest bridge in Texas! It passes over a ship channel. It’s pretty cool looking. It’s out of our zone though, so we gotta get permission.
We made slime for our district meeting. It was pretty neat. It uses borax, glue, and water. Pretty awesome!
A young convert in 3rd ward had us over for dinner. Her name is Kaylee Breaux (Bro)… Or, Sister Breaux, which is pretty awesome! We had a birthday party for Elder Brown who’s going home the end of this week 😦 Elder Brown is one of my all time faves. He was in my very first district, when I was born into the mission, and now I have to watch him die! Oh they cycles of life… (: He’s hilarious. He’ll be missed.
About a month ago we met a lady named Kandi during hour of power. We FINALLY got to meet with her and it was awesome. We are seeing her tomorrow! Hoping it will go well (:
On Saturday we helped out at yet another wedding. This makes 3 in 3 months! Pretty crazy… Everyone over here is just getting hitched! Something in the air. Gross. But it was BEAUTIFUL and we had a blast. We helped the caterer who’s in our ward, Brittany Tolman. She and her little family are the bomb. They are WONDERFUL! She can make some GOOD FOOD. So we had a blast pigging out on cheesecake tarts, home made alfreado, and all sorts of other goodies. Mmm…
Since we helped with the wedding, Brittany gave us two large cheesecakes to take to people. So we took one to our gangster investigator Tom, and to a less active named Emily. It was awesome! They were both so surprised (: Tom is about to leave every Monday and Tuesday to go work on a shrimp boat in Louisiana. Emily is hard to catch, but what do ya know! We found her (: So we had some nice visits with the both of them. Tom SHOULD be coming to church next week. Fingers crossed!!!
Today is going to be a lot of fun. We’re getting together as a zone over in Lake Charles, Louisiana! I’m so excited (: I wanna go look at gators!!! The elders see them all the time. Like – 10 foot long at least. Soooo cool!
But anyways… I’ve been reading a lot in Alma. Our mission is reading the Book of Mormon together. But in Alma right now I’m in the midst of the story of him and Amulek. Wow… they inspire me every time. I also realized that this time a year ago, in our last BofM mission reading, this is exactly where I was. President Crawford was writing the most inspiring emails about these to magnificent missionaries. He had me all excited, revved up and ready to go! And it’s still that way. Just thinking about his insights to these chapters gives me goose bumps. I LOVE Alma the Younger. He’s such an incredible example of what I can become, and the type of change that is possible for my investigators to make. Alma 9-14… That’s where I’ve been the past few days. AMAZING. The church is true!
Well I love y’all and miss y’all so much! Thanks for the pictures, emails, and love! I miss y’all. Be good!
— Sister Stockinger